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If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat . . . Unless

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Unless, that is, they can write a computer program to cheat for them.

Who would ever have thought that Democrats would be behind something like this??

(Via Nikita Demosthenes.)

Sonny’s Son

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One of my favorite leftists, Sonny Parlin, has had a baby boy named Jake.

Go congratulate him.

Vote for Oh, That Liberal Media

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While I gently and repeatedly remind you to vote for me, I should also encourage you to vote for Oh, That Liberal Media as well.

P.S. I know how to do the “message in the link” trick too, MERyl Yourish. Hold the cursor over the links to see what I mean.

Discussing Principled Pragmatism: The Great Hugh Hewitt Book Giveaway

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I just shipped out four free copies of Hugh Hewitt’s latest book to my friends Rod Stanton, Chadster, See Dubya, and John Behan (aka Commonwealth Conservative).

In addition to the four people just listed, I already sent a copy to Gene, and I will be delivering a copy personally to Justin Levine. That’s six free copies. (If there’s anyone to whom I specifically promised the book not included in the above list, leave a comment or e-mail me.)

In addition, several readers said that they would buy the book as a result of my review, including Iconic Midwesterner, David M., MaDr, and Kevin Murphy. (Kevin Murphy tells me his copy has already arrived. I’ll link to his review when it’s available.)

Finally, some readers have indicated that they already have it, including James Hess and BurbankErnie.

I wanted to get a critical mass for a good discussion, and I figured about ten people would be a good number. We have more than that already. Accordingly, I am going to close the offer — although I’ll still buy it for Spoons and the Clam if they will agree to take part in the discussion.

Obviously, this will be an extended discussion. It will take time for the books to arrive, for people to read them, and for them to submit comments. I have created a category called Principled Pragmatism which collects these posts in one place. If at any time you have something to add to the discussion, post it on your own blog, comment on a post in the Principled Pragmatism category (preferably the review of the book), and/or e-mail me. We’ll keep the discussion going for a while.

I should note that it has already begun. Clark Smith posted an excellent post summarizing Hugh’s pragmatic position. (I think Clark read my review as being more hostile to pragmatism than I meant it to be — but he is not the only one to read it this way by a longshot, so the fault is clearly mine in the expression, rather than his in the interpretation). The Yell responds to Clark here with a spirited “defense of ideology over partisanship.”

Excellent. This is exactly the sort of discussion I want to see. As long as we all link to each other, we’ll all be able to participate. I’d like each and every person named in this post, and every person interested in this issue, to hop onto Clark’s and The Yell’s posts and comment — and leave comments here. This is an important discussion. As Clark says: “It’s a discussion we’d be fools not to have.”

Vote Reminder

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Did I mention that you can vote for Patterico once per day per computer? I couldn’t remember . . .

P.S. I think we’re starting to bridge the gap between us and that Totten guy. Ssshhh! Don’t tell him.

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