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Tommy Thompson Advises Terrorists on Best Ways to Kill Americans

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The New York Times reports:

Tommy G. Thompson announced today that he was resigning as secretary of health and human services, and he expressed grave concern about the threat of a global flu epidemic and the possibility of a terrorist attack on the nation’s food supply.

“For the life of me,” he said, “I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it’s so easy to do.”

What in God’s name is this man thinking??

I have had this exact same thought before, and I have voiced it in private discussions with friends. I have never discussed it on my blog, though, because — even with the low traffic that this blog gets — I didn’t want to give the terrorists any ideas.

Have they had this idea? I bet they have. As I have said in those numerous discussions, people who do nothing but sit around 24 hours a day thinking about how to kill people are going to come up with some pretty creative ideas.

So why haven’t they done it?

Maybe — just maybe — they thought that the U.S. Government had a plan to prevent it.

But now, thanks to a certain jackass named Tommy Thompson, the terrorists know that the food supply is indeed vulnerable. There is no plan in place. Osama, you have a green light.

Thanks, Mr. Thompson. Thanks a lot. You MORON.

P.S. This is nothing new. Apparently, government officials really get off on publicly advising terrorists on the best ways to kill Americans, as this post of mine from August makes clear.

Man Kicks Self

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The L.A. Times reports: Assault on ‘Shusher’ Leads to 6 Months in Jail:

A man was sentenced in Ann Arbor to six months in jail for assaulting another man who shushed him during a movie, leaving the victim with a punctured lung and broken ribs.

According to testimony during his October trial, Paul Elrod, 39, arrived late to a movie in March and told his wife that he had had trouble finding a parking space. Jamin Eisenbach, 51, turned and said, “Shhh,” putting a finger to his mouth.

Elrod admitted during the trial he was upset over being shushed, but said he was defending himself when he kicked Elrod, knocking him backward down some steps.

I’ll bet this guy’s really kicking himself now . . .

Fun with Ellipses

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The L.A. Times reports:

WASHINGTON — A hormone patch that works to restore a woman’s sex drive should not win government approval until more studies are completed to determine the drug’s risks, federal health advisors recommended Thursday.

Several members of the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee said they were not satisfied . . . .

Maybe they will be after a few more studies.

Alert Reader Hank K. May Comment Again

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Alert reader Hank K., a loyal reader of the blog, has been bugging me on the phone for weeks about his inability to comment. (Note to self: don’t give readers your phone number!) We sat down tonight and worked it out, so he can comment again. Welcome back, Hank.

P.S. Just kidding about the phone number thing. Hank and I are old friends. (Well, he’s older.)

That Balanced Al Jazeera

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“We take criticism from both sides.” This dodge is commonly employed by biased media outlets all over, from Bill O’Reilly to the L.A. Times.

Now even Al Jazeera can use this specious argument, thanks to this nutty piece:

Many media experts believed that the new network would create a revolution in the field of information dissemination, particularly in the Arab states on the Persian Gulf.

However, at the same time, rumors arose suggesting that the network was established by U.S. and Israeli agents in order to present a bad image of Islam to the world.

. . . .

But the actions of the network gradually revealed the fact that Al-Jazeera officials, on the orders of Zionist agents, are trying to divide Islamic countries and tarnish the image of Islam.

. . . .

Following the advice of U.S. and Israeli experts in psychological operations (psyops), Al-Jazeera took actions which gave Westerners a negative image of Islam and Muslims.

In fact, the Al-Jazeera network was founded at exactly the same time when Iranian President Mohammad Khatami introduced his Dialogue Among Civilizations initiative as a logical strategy to bring the West and the Islamic world closer together.

Of course, the Zionists were not pleased at the idea because they believe that increased proximity between the Islamic world and the West is not in their interests. And that is why they founded the Al-Jazeera network to tarnish the image of true Islam.

See? We say they support terrorists, and this guy says they take orders from Zionist agents.

Why, the only logical conclusion is that Al Jazeera is playing it right down the middle.

L.A. Times Ends National Edition

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Via Dan Gillmor, I learn that the L.A. Times has decided to kill the national edition of its newspaper:

For the Times’ Washington reporters, the national edition is a calling card for the town’s power players. Not every member of Congress or other policymaker sees the Times’ Web site on a daily basis, but the printed national edition is delivered to their offices.

I wonder how the paper’s Washington bureau staff feels about this.

Free Credit Reports, For Real

Filed under: Economics — AMac @ 11:07 am

The Federal government passed a law called the FACT Act a while back, which entitled U.S. consumers to request a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting companies.

You get one every 12 months.

The roll-out date for California was December 1. Want to get yours? Follow this link. You do, however, still have to pay for your FICO score, but now at least keeping an eye on identity theft is much easier.

Spirit of America

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Please donate any amount, however small, to Spirit of America. With the upcoming elections, it’s important to put money into an organization spreading goodwill for this country and democratic concepts.

I’d especially like to see the leftists who read this site contribute. Spirit of America is not about support for the war, or being on one side of the political spectrum. Everyone who wants democracy in Iraq to succeed — and that’s all of us — should contribute to help make it happen.

Vote Again

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At the Weblog awards, it is permitted to vote Democrat-style: early and often. You can vote once for Patterico once per day per computer at this link.

Gillmor Claims Left-Wing Blogs Feature More Honest Debate Than Right-Wing Blogs

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My review of Dan Gillmor’s book is immediately below. I did want to address one comment in his book that raised an eyebrow. I am putting this in a separate post, because I don’t want it to overshadow the positive nature of my review. The comment I found odd was this:

There’s more genuine debate, I sense, in the left-wing blogs than on right-wing blogs — more willingness to allow comments, for one thing. “Republicans have a more cohesive caucus,” conceded Moulitsas, but we hash out the issues.” [Patterico notes: that’s Markos Moulitsas “screw them” Zúniga.]

More genuine debate? More willingness to allow comments? To my knowledge, the most famous example of viewpoint-based comment restrictions in the blogosphere is found on a blog called “TalkLeft.” Perhaps Dan would be willing to point me to the left-wing blogs featuring genuine debate. The only left-wing blog I can stomach on a regular basis is Kevin Drum’s excellent “Political Animal” blog — and even that one has been taken over by lunatic commenters who sneer at the opposition with more attitude than argumentation. I find the other major left-wing blogs, like Atrios and “Screw Them” Kos, far too off-putting.

At least in the corner of the right-leaning blogosphere that I inhabit, I find the debates to be wide-ranging, engaging, and very open. I invite Dan to visit more often, at this and similar right-leaning blogs. Yes, we’re opinionated; yes, we can be blunt with those who were blunt with us. But, as long as commenters don’t lie about me or engage in other clearly antisocial behavior, I will deal with their opposing viewpoints, not by banning them (or limiting their ability to make comments like TalkLeft does), but by engaging their arguments. Honest, open, and occasionally rough debate is what the blogosphere is about.

I don’t mean to make too much of this; it’s simply one offhand comment that I found odd, in a very informative and forward-looking book. But it’s so contrary to my experience that I couldn’t let it go without mention.

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