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Clarification on the Discussion of Hugh Hewitt’s Book

Filed under: Books,Politics,Principled Pragmatism — Patterico @ 6:04 pm

PrestoPundit recently linked to my discussion of Hugh Hewitt’s book. His post, titled PATTERICO VS. HUGH HEWITT, made me realize that the intent of my post must not have been clear.

I would like to emphasize my points of agreement with Hugh, as well as our points of disagreement. I intended for my post to reflect the fact that Hugh’s book opened my mind to the benefits of a pragmatic approach. While I haven’t become a pragmatist to the same extent Hugh is, some of Hugh’s points sunk in. Hence the book giveaway — I wanted to discuss this concept with others who (like me) tend to be more inflexibly principled.

So I just want to clear up that my post wasn’t intended to be wholly (or even primarily) critical of Hugh. If it were, I wouldn’t be pushing his book and buying it for people.

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