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We’ll Be the Ones to Decide Whether Your Child Lives or Dies, You Meddler!

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Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed have sobering thoughts about “The Groningen Protocol” and what it means for our growing culture of death.

UPDATE: Hugh has more at his blog, including an e-mail you’ll want to read. If the guy would enable an RSS feed, I wouldn’t get this stuff 2-3 days late . . .

Hope in the Middle East?

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Captain’s Quarters says that the Palestinian opposition to the Manson Barghouti candidacy shows that they may be getting serious about seeking peace. We can only hope.

UPDATE: The Captain has more hopeful news here.

Infotel Raided

Filed under: Scum — Patterico @ 6:38 pm

Calblog reports that Canadian law enforcement authorities have raided notorious scumbuckets Infotel.

It couldn’t happen to nicer folks, eh?

You Said It; I Didn’t

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Margaret Carlson’s column this morning is titled When the Job Stinks, a Woman Gets It.

Carlson, a woman, has a job as an op-ed columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

Clarification on the Discussion of Hugh Hewitt’s Book

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PrestoPundit recently linked to my discussion of Hugh Hewitt’s book. His post, titled PATTERICO VS. HUGH HEWITT, made me realize that the intent of my post must not have been clear.

I would like to emphasize my points of agreement with Hugh, as well as our points of disagreement. I intended for my post to reflect the fact that Hugh’s book opened my mind to the benefits of a pragmatic approach. While I haven’t become a pragmatist to the same extent Hugh is, some of Hugh’s points sunk in. Hence the book giveaway — I wanted to discuss this concept with others who (like me) tend to be more inflexibly principled.

So I just want to clear up that my post wasn’t intended to be wholly (or even primarily) critical of Hugh. If it were, I wouldn’t be pushing his book and buying it for people.

Tribe Blog: Fake, But Accurate

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Tyler Cowen of the Volokh Conspiracy reported this morning that Lawrence Tribe has a new blog. But Cowen later reported that it’s a fraud.

Interestingly, if you follow the links on the purported Tribe blog’s first post, you see that the post was plagiarized.

So I can see how Cowen got fooled into thinking it really was Larry Tribe’s blog.

Vote for Patterico in Weblog Awards

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I’m Patterico, and I’m asking for your vote.

Isn’t that how you’re supposed to do it?

Going Backwards

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Yesterday we had raised over $400 for Spirit of America. Today the total is less than $400. I don’t understand that. Anyway, if you’d like to contribute, click here.

UPDATE: Here is a great post from Dean Esmay explaining more about the group and what it does.

I Have all the Best Ideas

Filed under: Education — AMac @ 2:15 am

So, once again, there’s some “conservatives are underrepresented in academia!” arguments going on.

I don’t think anyone can really deny that as an assertion, it is simply the causes that are at issue. Are conservatives simply not drawn toward the educational path needed to teach? Or are we discriminated against with a hostile environment? Or are we just plain stupid hicks that should listen to our cultured betters who, naturally, have professorships.

What annoys me most about this is how ham-handed the argument has been for those of us seeking to illustrate the deep bias in university curricula. No one ever picks up on this either. My answer is very simple:

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