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Big Media Spiking Stories to Protect Candidates? Nah! At Least Not at the Los Angeles Times!

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Professor Bainbridge takes Slate‘s Jack Shafer to task for suggesting that the mainstream media doesn’t spike or delay stories to protect favored political candidates. The good professor gives one example of the media doing just that, and suggests that there may be other examples lurking out there.

I can’t imagine what he means. Unless — and this is just off the top of my head — you count these seven examples of spiked or delayed stories, all by the Los Angeles Dog Trainer (aka the Los Angeles Times):

Charlie Manson to Run for Office

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The government of California is facing increased international pressure to release Charlie Manson in the wake of his announcement that he plans to run for President of the United States.

UPDATE: Whoops, sorry. Wrong country, wrong office, and wrong murderer.

UPDATE x2: I should note that the previous update was a phony update, done in the classic Protein Wisdom style — i.e., made at the same time as the original post, for comic effect.

UPDATE x3: Same goes for UPDATE x2.

Donate to Spirit of America

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We’re raised just over $400. That’s good, especially since the drive officially starts today, but we can do better. Winning the war means winning hearts and minds. A donation to Spirit of America will help a lot.


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That idiot who made the movie “Super Size Me” is speaking to children at schools. This is the moron who ate crappy food at McDonald’s morning, noon, and night for a month. He had the largest helpings each time they were offered, and he naturally stopped exercising completely.

Though he won’t admit it, his goal was to deliberately ruin his health to the extent possible — all to gain publicity for the film. Where’s the publicity in eating McDonald’s’ more healthful foods in moderation, along with a regimen of exercise? That won’t wreck you body and make your film millions!

This dude’s visit to Crenshaw High is documented here, in a story with this depressing passage:

Crenshaw student Tanyea Thomas, 17, said she eats McDonald’s six days a week because it is affordable for her single mother, who is raising four children. Thomas always orders the No. 2 meal: two cheeseburgers, fries and a soda.

In class, she asked Spurlock: “Do you think McDonald’s targets minorities and low-income people?”

“Yes, I do,” Spurlock replied. “If you look at it, there are a lot of McDonald’s in low-income communities.” The government, he said, “has a part in preventing it. They play a part in really starting to change this.”

Targets.” That’s right, Tanyea. The hunt is on, and you’re the prey.

Better get the government to stop it!

But here’s the part that slays me:

After class, Thomas said she was concerned about eating so much fast food. Before watching “Super Size Me,” she said, she didn’t know how harmful it was. “As young adults, we follow patterns,” she said. “We don’t have anybody to say, ‘Look, it’s unhealthy.’ “

I thought you said you had a mom, Tanyea.

Day By Day Is Back!

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Hit your “End” button to jump to the bottom of the page for the cartoon. Today’s is especially for our pajamahadeen. (When you’re done, you can hit “Home” to bring you back to the top of the page.)

Welcome back, Chris.

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