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Stem Cell Obfuscation

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We have proof of the success of stem cell therapy. But the stem cells were derived from umbilical cord blood — not embryos.

Some will argue that this shows the need for embryonic stem cell research. Some will argue that this shows there is no need to perform more ethically troublesome embryonic stem cell research.

And, as Professor Bainbridge notes, some lefties will just act as though this was the direct result of embryonic stem cell research.

Kevin Murphy and Xrlq: You Read Now!

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If you are not reading Kevin Murphy and Xrlq every day, you should be.

Who Is The “Angry Clam”?

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While I was on vacation in Texas, my brother, a faithful reader of this blog (who never comments, for some reason) asked me: “So who is the Angry Clam?”

Perhaps I should have explained earlier. I assumed you all knew, but of course, some of you didn’t.

The Angry Clam is a member of the Bear Flag League, our band of conservative California bloggers. The Clam formerly hosted a very entertaining and very conservative blog at, until he decided that the blog was standing in the way of his plans for world domination. He is a very bright [edited] law student who will soon clerk for a federal appellate judge on [a non-Ninth] Circuit.

When I recently visited England, I didn’t want the blog to remain stagnant, so I put out a call for guest bloggers, and specifically asked the Angry Clam if he would submit a few posts. Not only did he do that, but he graciously agreed to become a semi-regular contributor to these pages. I am thrilled that he has chosen Patterico’s Pontifications as his current home, and I welcome his input, as always. I hope you do too.

If the Clam has anything by way of further explanation, he is encouraged to add an update.

Clam Update: Paranoid semi-anonymized. And flattered.

UPDATE BY PATTERICO: Damn. Sorry about that. I think I should have known better.

Kevin Sites Did the Right Thing

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The L.A. Times today prints excerpts from Kevin Sites’s open letter to the Marines with whom he was embedded.

The letter only confirms my earlier opinion: Sites did nothing wrong. He was acting like a good journalist.

Contribute to Spirit of America

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I would like everyone who reads this blog to go visit the Spirit of America website and contribute at least $10 in the name of the Bear Flag League. This truly is a worthwhile cause. Please let us know about your contribution in the comments.

What Real Vote Fraud Looks Like

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The title of Captain Ed’s post about vote fraud in Ukraine says it all: Memo To Hysterical American Leftists: This Is What Vote Fraud Looks Like.

Progress of the Great Hugh Hewitt Book Giveaway

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The great Hugh Hewitt book giveaway is still open to a couple more takers. I think I have done a better job persuading people to buy it for themselves than I have in finding takers for the free offer. So far Iconic Midwesterner, David M., MaDr, and Kevin Murphy have all said they will buy it on their own.

So far, it sounds like the only takers for the free offer are Gene, Justin Levine, and Chadster. I have excused Justin from any obligation to read the book immediately, though I have asked him to read the first chapter right away (I’m assuming he’ll get hooked).

The Angry Clam has not responded to my request whether he wants a free copy. [UPDATE: The Clam claims he has no time to read this simple, straightforward 220-page book. Demands of law school and such.]

Spoons indicated that he would probably not give it a fair reading. Okay, Spoons — how about giving it an unfair reading and agreeing to debate the contents?

The book is on its way to Gene. Chadster and Justin, e-mail me your home addresses.

James Hess says he already has it, but suggests that I buy copies for libraries. Sorry, James, but my offer is intended to stimulate internet discussion. I do hope that the people who buy it for themselves, as well as those who get it free from me, will return to discuss the principles of the book. That’s what this is all about.

New York Times Editors Regurgitate Democrat Talking Points — Without Even Checking Them Out First

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Not only are New York Times editors regurgitating Democratic talking points in their editorials, they aren’t even bothering to check them out first. The proof appears in this morning’s editorial on judicial filibusters, titled Mr. Smith Goes Under the Gavel:

Judicial nominees have never been immune from filibusters. When Republicans opposed President Lyndon Johnson’s choice for chief justice, Abe Fortas, they led a successful filibuster to stop him from getting the job. More recently, in the Clinton era, Republicans spoke out loudly in defense of their right to filibuster against the confirmation of cabinet members and judicial nominees. Republican senators, including Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Mike DeWine of Ohio, used a filibuster in 1995 to block President Bill Clinton’s nominee for surgeon general. Bill Frist, now the Senate majority leader, supported a filibuster of a Clinton appeals court nomination. Senator Christopher Bond, a Missouri Republican, was quoted in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1993 saying, “On important issues, I will not hesitate to join a filibuster.”

I looked up this last quote. Contrary to the clear implication of the editors, the quote from Senator Bond has nothing to do with judicial filibusters. It related to his participation in a filibuster to block President Clinton’s economic stimulus package. Here is the full context for the quote:

This month, the Republican minority used their unity and Senate rules to block Clinton’s $16.3 billion economic stimulus package. “On important issues, I will not hesitate to join a filibuster,” declares Sen. Christopher S. Bond, R-Mo., who offered four amendments and orated as part of the Republican campaign.

You might well wonder: where did New York Times editors get the idea to include this irrelevant quote from a 1993 article in a St. Louis paper? A quote that has nothing whatsoever to do with filibusters of judicial (or even cabinet) nominees?

Wonder no longer. A Google search of that quote yields two results: today’s NYT editorial, and a Democratic Policy Committee page of talking points about judicial filibusters, titled “The Republican Flip-Flop on Filibusters.”

Ouch. The New York Times editors simply swallowed the Democrat talking points whole, rather than checking out this material for themselves.

I have further criticism of the editorial in the extended entry.


New York Times/CBS Poll Misleads Voters

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Even though I see this kind of thing time and time again, it never fails to irritate me.

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New Republic Article on Potential Supreme Court Nominees

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Learn which judges scare Dems the most as potential Supreme Court nominees, by reading this article in The New Republic.

I like the sound of “Justice Scalito.”

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