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Scrappleface: Red Cross Reports that Al Qaeda May Violate Geneva Conventions

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According to ScrappleFace, the Red Cross has discovered that Al Qaeda just might be violating the Geneva Convention:

“We’ve found numerous incidents of Al Qaeda captives who were released,” said an unnamed Red Cross source in the Times report. “And for that we applaud Al Qaeda. However, in a footnote to the report, we mention that a disturbing number of these detainees are released without their heads, which we believe may be a violation of the Geneva conventions.”

The source emphasized that “both sides in the war on terror have transgressed.”

“Whether it’s the apparent videotaped beheading of an innocent civilian contractor, or psychological manipulation of an enemy combatant who may have knowledge of planned attacks on the U.S. citizens–it’s all reprehensible,” she said.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, “Sure, we play head games with terrorists to get them to divulge information that will save lives. We can do that at Guantanamo because our detainees have heads. A recent internal study shows that the ratio of detainees to detainee-heads at Gitmo is one-to-one.”

Scott Ott: genius.

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5 Responses to “Scrappleface: Red Cross Reports that Al Qaeda May Violate Geneva Conventions”

  1. A more significant violation is the use of churches (23 according to an unofficial USMC recon count)(Mosques) as combat bases.
    BTW the terrorist that was killied by a Marine in a mosque was part of a group that had used that very mosque for two weeks to rain mortar amd rocket fire on our Marines.
    God, country, Marine Corps
    Rod Stanton

    Rod Stanton (7edfd7)

  2. PS
    Its been 36 years since this Nam vet got out. But in the Old Corps we used to chant “God, country, Marine Corp” as we did our pre dawn runs. Since I see we cant support the Scouts anymore because they take an oath to “God” maybe the Corps doesnt chat this any morre. I know why Im so f—ed up, before I was a jarhead I was a Scout. Proud of both; would do it again.
    Rod Stanton

    Rod Stanton (7edfd7)

  3. The funny thing about this article to me is that I can imagine Rumsfeld actually saying the statement attributed to him.

    Patterico (1a5211)

  4. Next up:

    Chirac gets indicted as a war criminal in Canada for his troops’ actions; Kofi Annan appears before the International Criminal Court; and snowflakes are found in a hot place. Sigh.

    Al (98e4ad)

  5. Part of the problem here is that al Qaeda isn’t a party to the Geneva conventions; that is an agreement between states, and al Qaeda isn’t a state. The US, however, is, and it’s appropriate to criticize us for violating our treaty obligations.

    That said, it’s an odd eddy of international law: the treaty was never intended to be applied in the case of a state fighting against a shadowy non-state military organization.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

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