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Chicago Ring

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Probably only Croche will be interested, but I got my confirmation yesterday that I have been allocated tickets to the 2005 performance of the Wagner Ring Cycle in Chicago.

James Morris as Wotan. Jane Eaglen as Brunnhilde. Placido Domingo as Siegmund. And I’m on the main floor (okay, in the last row, and mostly on the side. Still.).

Pretty sweet — if you like that kind of thing, that is.

9 Responses to “Chicago Ring”

  1. Loved your comment about hacking audiences. I once sat in a section where everyone waited until the lights dimmed and the first notes rang out before opening the candies. The Ring in Chicago will be wonderful. I have heard the Die V one and will hear Gotterdamerung this spring. Jane and James are magical. thanks for your blog. MJ Meyer

    MaryJo Meyer (f75bf3)

  2. Just as some can’t imagine rereading Wolfe, I know few peolpe who made it through two or more Ring cycles. Once seens to be the limit for most.

    Will this be your first? In any case, the cast is certainly talented.

    Pigilito (0be124)

  3. I’ve watched it more than once on DVD, but this will be the first one I’ve seen live. I’m very much hoping to go to Bayreuth some day.

    Patterico (756436)

  4. Lucky!

    Michelle Evans (fb9ad7)

  5. For what it’s worth, Emil’s, located in the Hartmarx building which is kitty-corner from the Opera House, does a nice pre-opera dinner. And I usually stop there for drinks after work. Stop on by! It’d be nice to meet another fellow blogger.

    Omnibus Driver (d4af9f)

  6. I didn’t know you were an opera fan, much less a Wagner fan! Now you will definitely get my vote in the Best Blogs contest. I will be there, too, and this will be my 3rd Ring Cycle. Chicago’s production is wonderful and you are very fortunate to get tickets.

    Claudia Lane (bf4d4d)

  7. Whatever it takes to bring in the votes, Claudia. I’ll give you advice you’ll never hear from me in other contexts. Vote like a Democrat: early and often.

    Which cycle do you have tickets for? Mine are for the second.

    And where did you see your previous 2 Ring cycles?

    Do you own any of the sets on DVD? I have the Met and the Bayreuth Chéreau/Boulez performances, both of which I like very much (after reading about the controversy the Chéreau cycle set off, I was surprised at how much I liked it). I am considering getting the Stuttgart set. Any opinions on that are welcome.

    And Omnibus Driver, I’d love to meet for a drink. Send me an e-mail.

    One of the fun things about the internet is that, while 99% of my readers no doubt think I’m insane to want to sit through the Ring cycle, I can find the other 1% and converse with them. Another wonder of the internet age.

    Patterico (756436)

  8. Here ( is a link to a Beeb slideshow on La Scala’s return. I mention this because you noted that visiting Bayreuth is something you’d like to do, so I assume the great opera houses of Eurpoe are also on your list. I think Venice’s opera house is also recently reopened.

    I saw Aida in Vienna’s Staatsoper several years ago, and this summer enjoyed La Traviata in Verona. Both were fantastic experiences.

    Pigilito (0be124)

  9. We also saw Aida at the Staatsoper, in 1993. La Scala was closed when we went to Milan recently; would love to go back.

    Patterico (756436)

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