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Brian Williams Removes His Goggles Long Enough to Criticize Bloggers

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So Brian Williams says that bloggers are “on an equal footing with someone in a bathroom with a modem.”

Yeah, everyone knows real journalists don’t come from bathrooms.

They come from tanning booths.

UPDATE: Thanks to Instapundit for the “Heh.”

10 Responses to “Brian Williams Removes His Goggles Long Enough to Criticize Bloggers”

  1. I don’t know anybody who keeps their modem in the bathroom, but I know a lot of people who own pajamas. And I really like “pajamahadeen” a lot better than “toilethadeen” or “loohadeen” or “bathroomhadeen”. Just has a nicer ring to it.

    RebeccaH (2842ec)

  2. Brian Williams: a mannequin without the lifelike features.

    Tim (e636a8)

  3. I know what can cure the Old Media of their allergy to bloggers:

    I think CBS oughtta hire GLENN HARLAN REYNOLDS to replace Rather!

    The Professor is already sort of an anchorman to the blogosohere, isn’t he?

    The Instapundit introduces his huge audience to posts from far-flung pajamioed bloggers from all over the blogosphere with pithy erudite and funny repartee – much like a suave anchorman introducing a report from a correspondent in a suit.

    Instead of “AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS…” or “Courage” (whatever the heck THAT meant!?!?) the Professor could sign off each night with “HEH” or and “INDEED!”


    reliapundit (f462e2)

  4. RebeccaH,

    I think the perfect term was coined by a commenter at this INDC Journal post: latrine-hadeen.

    That post also has a pretty funny picture of a well-equipped bathroom.

    Patterico (756436)

  5. I always thought the white rings around Brian’s eyes was caused by use of too light cover stick. But maybe it is the goggles worn during the tanning bed sessions. But, one still wonders why MSNBC doesn’t have the budget for flesh toned cover stick or, at least, for tan-in-a-tube.

    Chip Halstead (2a67eb)

  6. A mannegquin with a man-tan.

    Spear Shaker (11d777)

  7. Bloggers in Pajamas in the Bathroom with a Modem… yeah, that’s the ticket!
    In what is clearly an attempt to compete with Jonathan

    Pajama Pundits (af7df9)

  8. Oops — I spilled body wash on the SCSI port!
    Well, look, Brian — you big-time media muckety-mucks talk about about having a story “in the can,” why can’t we? Come on — in the can, on the can, what’s the difference? (af7df9)

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