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First They Ban the Salvation Army, and Now This

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 7:21 am

Target is expanding its product line.

(Bong sold separately.)

(Via South Knox Bubba.)

UPDATE: The page is gone, and I didn’t get a screen shot. But Xrlq did.

7 Responses to “First They Ban the Salvation Army, and Now This”

  1. Well, Raich v. Ashcroft IS being argued today…

    The Angry Clam (c96486)

  2. Clearly Target is trying to reposition itself as a high-class retail joint.

    Dave (4a5c60)

  3. target scrubbed the page – no item found

    Frank G (78c097)

  4. Instapundit got hold of it later in the day. Should have saved a screen shot.

    Patterico (756436)

  5. I guess they sold out already. Poor inventory management, they should have expected a rush, doncha think?

    Donna (baba9c)

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  7. The Perfect Christmas Gift for Aging Hippies
    I think Martha Stewart would adorn this gift with a bow of chocolate chip cookies. Or brownies. Or maybe

    Pajama Pundits (af7df9)

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