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New York Times/CBS Poll Misleads Voters

Filed under: Media Bias — Patterico @ 11:10 pm

Even though I see this kind of thing time and time again, it never fails to irritate me.

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New Republic Article on Potential Supreme Court Nominees

Filed under: Judiciary — Patterico @ 10:33 pm

Learn which judges scare Dems the most as potential Supreme Court nominees, by reading this article in The New Republic.

I like the sound of “Justice Scalito.”

Cruz Inadvertently Speaks the Truth

Filed under: Morons — Patterico @ 7:28 pm

Cruz Bustamante said:

After years of disappointment with get-rich-quick schemes, I know I’m gonna get rich with this scheme . . . and quick!

Sigh. I gotta move out of this state.

Richard Healey

Filed under: Real Life — Patterico @ 7:00 pm

I was shocked upon returning to town to learn of the tragic and untimely death of Richard Healey. Richard is someone whom few of you knew. He was a Deputy District Attorney with many talents. He was one of the most quick-witted people I have ever encountered, and had a unique ability to turn a memorable phrase. He was the sort of fellow who you love to talk to, about any issue, just to see what he’d say. No matter what you threw at him, he had a ready and clever quip in response.

If there were some way that he could speak at his own funeral, he would definitely have the best lines.

He was taken before his time, and he’ll be missed.

Another Reason That the French Government Sucks

Filed under: Civil Liberties — Patterico @ 5:50 pm

The next time some lefty knocks our civil liberties, and in the same breath talks about moving to France, show them this Orin Kerr post. And then point them to the nearest airport.

The Power of the Marketplace?

Filed under: Economics — Patterico @ 5:39 pm

This interesting post suggests that the falling price of LASIK surgery, as compared to the rising cost of most health care, may be related to the fact that LASIK is generally not covered by insurance, so the power of the marketplace works its magic. (Via Pejman.)

Incidentally, I had LASIK surgery done several years ago, and I am pretty happy with it. I declined the touch-up due to my doctor’s indictment for Medicare fraud . . . True story.

Commissar’s Consolation on Traffic

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Patterico @ 5:33 pm

The Commissar offers consolation to folks like myself who have been despairing over our poor traffic.

Captain Ed Catches the L.A. Times

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 5:26 pm

Catching up on my blog reading, I notice that Captain’s Quarters made a nice catch skewering the L.A. Times (and the AP) for telling readers that federal civil rights prosecutions are down sharply — without giving readers data showing that all prosecutions are down sharply, as the FBI concentrates resources on the war on terror.

Bad News on Rehnquist

Filed under: Judiciary — Patterico @ 5:16 pm

The NYT reports: Comments Off on Bad News on Rehnquist

Look What Popped Up at the L.A. Times

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 6:32 am

Aren’t pop-ups annoying? Just listen to the experience of one computer user:

Within minutes, my computer was swamped with advertisements — pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-all-overs. There were so many I couldn’t close them before others started appearing. I had to shut the computer down.

Someone trying to access an article on the L.A. Times website? Surprisingly, no. It’s an L.A. Times reporter, complaining about spyware.

I guess he’s never had occasion to access his own paper’s website.

(Link via Kevin Drum.)

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