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Spider Trick

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Patterico @ 7:10 pm

If you have a backyard and a flashlight, and it’s dark, go do this right now.

Hold the flashlight right next to your eyes and shine the beam in front of you as you walk around the yard. If you see a tiny reflecting dot, like a dewdrop, walk towards it with the light shined on it. It is the reflection of a spider’s eyes, and you can walk right up to the spider.

You can find spiders from 30 feet away with this technique. I did it tonight and found spiders all over the yard.

How did I get to be 36 years old and never hear about this until now?

Pray for the Ukraine and Her People

Filed under: 2004 Election — AMac @ 10:04 am

There’s relatively little media attention being paid to recent events in the Ukraine (compare this to elections in South America these last few years). Still, among my Ukrainian friends, there’s a nervousness and an energy and, for the first time since the hope of the collapse of the Soviet Union turned to the disappointments of the transition, a feeling that change will come.

It is, quite simply, the Berlin Wall tumbling down again.

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