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A Review of Hugh Hewitt’s Latest Book

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I finally got around to reading Hugh Hewitt’s latest book, the delightfully titled “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat (Crushing the Democrats in Every Election, and Why Your Life Depends on It).”

Hugh Hewitt has been very kind to me personally. He has mentioned my blog on the radio and on his own blog, helping me to build a steady, growing readership of people interested in media bias issues generally, and the bias of the Los Angeles Times in particular.

But Hugh has a different political philosophy from mine. And in this post I intend to be brutally honest about the differences, including where I find Hugh to be persuasive — and where I don’t.

[UPDATE: Prompted by reading more than one blog post characterizing this post as a negative review or sharp criticism, it is not intended as such. I think this is a great book that everyone should read. I wouldn’t be giving copies of it away if I thought otherwise.]

Somewhere, Newdow is Smiling

Filed under: Political Correctness — AMac @ 1:59 pm

A California school teacher has been banned from distribution of copies of the Declaration of Independence because it contains references to “God.”

But of course we all know that Michael Newdow, the ACLU, and company really are only concerned about public coercion into religion, not about extirpating religion from the American social fabric, right? Right?

What Your Laserprinter Tells Law Enforcement About You

Filed under: Crime — The Angry Clam @ 1:18 pm

Yahoo! News reports:

Next time you make a printout from your color laser printer, shine an LED flashlight beam on it and examine it closely with a magnifying glass. You might be able to see the small, scattered yellow dots printer there that could be used to trace the document back to you.


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