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More Feedback on the Picture

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My friend Abe saw the picture on the left margin for the first time today. He came to my office and said: “Couldn’t you find a better picture of yourself? You look somewhat dissolute.”

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YakLeft: A Parody Post

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[Warning: this is all a parody — including all the comments. Don’t panic. Nobody’s really trying to hurt anybody. If you already read this post, and the links cited therein, this will make perfect sense to you.

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Latest Juicy Tidbits on Neil Bush Sex Life: Neil Slept With Floozies

by YakLeft

I know some consider us a “class act,” but this is just too funny. In the dirty laundry department, we have the latest juicy tidbits from the Neil Bush deposition:

Bush: “I had sexual intercourse with perhaps three or four, I don’t remember the exact number, women, at different times. In Thailand once, I have a pretty clear recollection that there was one time in Thailand and in Hong Kong.”

Brown: “And you were married to Mrs. Bush?”

Bush: “Yes.”

Brown: “Is that where you caught the venereal diseases?”

Bush: “No.”

Brown: “Where did you catch those?”

Bush: “Diseases plural? I didn’t catch…”

Brown: “Well, I’m sorry. How … how many venereal diseases do you suffer from?”

Bush: “I’ve had one venereal disease.”

Brown: “Which was?”

Bush: “Herpes.”

It’s almost as good as that Vanity Fair article about his train wreck of a marriage. We could not put that one down.

Was that where we learned that Neil may have fathered a child with his paramour? We can’t remember. Wonder if his new wife knows about that . . . Tee hee!

Oh, darn. Paternity results say it’s not his child.

Well, that’s enough class from us for one day.

WaPo Dumps Scumbag Ted Rall

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The Washington Post has decided to dump Ted Rall after readers reacted negatively to a cartoon that depicted “a drooling, mentally handicapped student taking over a classroom” — a clever little analogy to our stupid electorate that elected Bush, you see.

Apparently there were those who didn’t think it was funny to mock the mentally handicapped. Go figure.

Rall is uncharacteristically contrite. “I do want to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, and I think I failed in that with this cartoon,” he says on his blog.

No kidding, Ted.

Ted Rall, comforter of the afflicted. Funny, but I failed to detect this noble sentiment in Rall’s notorious cartoon brutally mocking Marianne Pearl and other family members of terror victims — something for which he has never apologized.

First Rall was dropped by the New York Times, and now by the Washington Post. It’s a long time coming, but it is sweet nevertheless.

Still, let’s keep it in perspective. If there is a hell, Ted Rall is going there. This is just a bump in the road.

Dog Bites Man Republicans Outnumbered in Academia

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Almost as shocking as this summer’s revelation that the media is liberal is a Comments (3)

Specter is Judiciary Committee Chair

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LBJ famously said: “I never trust a man unless I’ve got his pecker in my pocket.”

Applying that test, I feel comfortable saying that we conservatives can trust Arlen Specter as Judiciary Committee chair.

I think it’s gonna work out.

Hewitt Now on From 5-6 on KRLA

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I am overdue in noting that Hugh Hewitt is now on from 5-6 p.m. on KRLA in Los Angeles. This is something I have crusaded for, and — while I doubt that the entreaties of myself and my readers have had a huge effect — it is nonetheless a pleasure that it has finally happened.

It was especially sweet the other night when, instead of hearing that knucklehead Michael Savage, I heard Hugh Hewitt calling Michael Savage a knucklehead!

We Should Have One? We Do Have Several!

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Jay Rosen has, in the past, suggested that we need a more openly liberal news network to compete with Fox. In his latest post he writes about the opposition of L.A. Times media critic David Shaw to the idea.

I admit that it is not entirely clear to me what Jay is proposing.

Is he saying that the existing networks should become more liberal, to compete with Fox’s conservatism? If so, I question the premise. There already exist several liberal news networks competing with Fox. Their coverage is just as far to the left as Fox’s is to the right. They just don’t admit their leftist bias. But then, neither does Fox admit its conservative bias.

Or is Jay agreeing that these networks are liberal, and saying only that they should be more openly so? If that is Jay’s point, then I agree that the several networks that are liberal should finally admit that they are. But Fox should also be forthright about its generally conservative perspective.

Jay’s post is a good read in any event, and I especially love the quotes from Matt Welch at the end.

P.S. Incidentally, here is the comment I left on Jay’s site:

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