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What’s Wrong With This?

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Little Green Footballs quotes a blog entry, written by a journalist embedded with American soldiers in Iraq, as follows:

So in some ways, embedded in this unit, I begin to feel I’ve betrayed the people that depend on me to be skeptical; to question the dominant powers and institutions of my nation and the actions it undertakes in the name of its citizens. I am not a military or American cheerleader, not a mouthpiece signed on to some institutional agenda whether I believe in it or not. I am here to ask the hard questions of the people who make the hardest decisions; ones that result in people dying or people being killed. I must remember as one journalist advised, “write in your notepad every day ‘I am not one of them.'”

What’s wrong with that?

More Evidence of Hypocrisy from TalkLeft

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You may recall the recent controversy in which TalkLeft falsely claimed that a leftist blogger had been visited by the Secret Service simply for “criticizing” George Bush. When several commenters, including me, pointed out that the blogger visited by the Secret Service had actually called for the assassination of George Bush, TalkLeft edited our comments to remove any references to that fact. TalkLeft claimed that she was not suppressing the truth — she just couldn’t tolerate any discussion of presidential assassination on her site. (For more details, read this post and the links therein.)

So, TalkLeft refuses to allow comments on her site that reference attempts to kill George Bush, eh?

Take a look at this TalkLeft post about Fallujah. Scroll down to the first comment from a leftist named “jondee,” which reads:

Somebody needs to take the fratboy and his parasitic entourage down there and rub thier noses in the gore. Reap what you sow. I hope the next McVeigh gets the address right.

Unless I am misreading this badly, this sounds a lot like a suggestion that someone should blow up President George W. Bush. Yet the comment is unedited.

Okay, you say, maybe TalkLeft just hasn’t read this comment yet.


Scroll down five more comments, to a comment made by someone called “The Truth.” The Truth’s comment was made after jondee’s comment advocating Bush’s assassination. And guess what? The Truth’s comment has been edited:

London Times article, text deleted. This space is for comments not reprinting artticles.

commenter is limited to four posts a day, all in excess will be deleted.

The deletion of The Truth’s post is in accordance with TalkLeft’s controversial policy of limiting certain right-wing commenters to four posts a day.

If you scroll down, you will see that TalkLeft has edited several other comments in the same post. All the edits were made after jondee’s comment calling for someone to blow up Bush. All the edits were made to comments by right-wingers, with the exception of a suggestion to a leftist that the leftist not debate with right-wingers.

To summarize: it is more important to TalkLeft to stifle viewpoints from right-wingers, than it is to edit comments from leftists who advocate assassinating President Bush.

Thanks to a reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the tip.

P.S. Maybe TalkLeft just missed the fact that the comment encouraged the bombing of President Bush? If so, I hope she removes the comment soon, and pays closer attention to her wacky leftist commenters in the future — and less to her right-wing commenters who might comment more than four times in one day.

P.P.S. I have added my own comment, which I have preserved here in case it is edited or deleted from TalkLeft:

Interesting that the comment from jondee, which appeared to advocate the bombing of President Bush, was not edited — but several subsequent posts from right-wingers were deleted simply for expressing right-wing viewpoints.

We’ll see if this ends up being “edited for language.”

Lucky Thing Reporters Never Make Frequent Trips to the Bar

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If you, like the L.A. Times, are monitoring the drinking habits of local prosecutors, you will be interested this this correction:

Inside Politics — The Inside Politics column in the Nov. 8 California section contained an item about an election night celebration that said several local prosecutors appeared to have made frequent trips to the open bar. It was a cash bar.

Glad that’s cleared up.

Muslims Appalled by Margaret Hassan’s Murder: A Fable

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An AP story I saw today:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – The murder of Margaret Hassan, the British aid worker kidnapped after decades of helping Iraqis, angered Sunni Muslims in Iraq on Tuesday. Muslims uniformly expressed shock and dismay at a video showing a hooded militant shooting a blindfolded woman in the head.

“Look at this lady who was slain by them,” said Ahmed Khalil, 40, as he watched the video in his Baghdad shop. “Was she a fighter? Where are her weapons? I don’t know what to say.”

No other female hostage is known to have been killed in the wave of kidnappings that have beset Iraq.

More than 170 foreigners have been abducted this year, and at least 34 killed. One woman – a Polish-Iraqi citizen – remains captive.

“The terrorists violated Islam with this despicable action,” said Khalil, the shop owner. “They are criminals and mercenaries. I feel guilty standing here and not doing anything.”

Hassan’s family in London said the longtime director of CARE in Iraq was likely the victim, and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said analysis of the video received by Al-Jazeera television showed Hassan has “probably been murdered, although we cannot conclude this with complete certainty.”

CARE said it was in mourning for the 59-year-old Briton, a veteran humanitarian worker known around the Mideast for her concern for Iraqis – particularly during the years of U.N. sanctions, whose effects on children she vocally denounced.

The reaction of Muslims in Iraq was also one of bitter sadness. Hameed Farhan, 51, who works for the Transportation Ministry in Baghdad, said: “I did not see it because there was no electricity at home, but my wife was at her parents and she described it for me.” Farhan added: “She was crying. Tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to scream.”

Actually, I lied. That’s not an AP story I saw today. I made it up, by cobbling together two stories. The first was about the fatal shooting by a U.S. Marine of an unarmed man in a mosque. All of the expressions of Arab despair are cut and pasted from that story. The second was about Margaret Hassan’s murder by terrorists. If Iraqi Muslims give a rip about the murder of this woman, it is not reflected anywhere in the story.

I don’t know at whom I should be angry: the Muslims for seeming not to care, or the AP for making it seem that way. All I know is that it would be refreshing to see a story like the one I just had to make up.

(Thanks to Kevin Murphy.)

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