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Our Sexist Death Penalty

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Big Brother Rears His Head in California

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While I was not overly worried about the privacy concerns involved in expanding California’s DNA database through Proposition 69, I find this quite Big Brotherish: a proposal to tax motorists in California for every mile driven — and to keep track by attaching tracking devices to every motorist’s car.

I’m surprised that this hasn’t attracted more widespread and vocal opposition.

I love the way the story ends:

“While some people are concerned about civil liberties, most people are not,” Deakin said. “One of the things we found from focus groups and surveys is that most people said if the government wanted to track you, they have other ways to do it.”

One of the things I found from reading this story is that most people who participate in focus groups and surveys are apparently idiots. Duh, the government might have some other incredibly cumbersome and prohibitively expensive way to track me — so I’ll just allow it to stick a tracking device on every frigging person’s car, duh.

Patrick Ruffini

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Patrick Ruffini, who did an excellent job blogging for Bush during the campaign, is back blogging at his own site. It’s well worth checking out. Today’s entry is here.

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