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Sleeping on the Job

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Patterico has been sleeping on the job, but Eugene Volokh busts the Dog Trainer.

UPDATE BY PATTERICO: If only I had been neglecting my actual job, you would have seen a post on this earlier. Unlike law professors (and apparently judicial clerks), some people have to actually work for a living. Coincidentally, I was just sitting down to make the exact same point about the headline to the L.A. Times piece. I sort of thought racial preferences were pro-bias myself. Anyway, I thank Eugene Volokh for saving me the time.

My only other comment on the article: when you read it, note how “critics” have numerous problems with Prof. Sanders’s work — but the article never gets around to substantiating a single one of the critics’ objections. I guess we just have to take their word for it that, for example, there are reasons for poor performance by black law students besides affirmative action. What those reasons might be are conveniently kept a mystery.

Well, Yeah, I Guess It’s About Corrections . . .

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I don’t know how long this will last, but right now, when you click on the L.A. Times‘s link titled Corrections — the place where they usually put, uh, corrections — you see nothing but the text of this story, about the prison guards’ union. There are no corrections to the story. It got filed under “Corrections” because it’s a story about prisons — you know, the Department of Corrections.

We Have Discovered Atlantis — Correction: Pacifis

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Best. Correction. Ever.

From the local Dog Trainer:

Peterson verdict — An article Saturday in Section A about the murder conviction of Scott Peterson said Modesto was 90 miles west of San Francisco. Modesto is about 80 miles southeast of San Francisco.

I always thought the residents of Modesto were all wet.

P.S. Apologies to my relatives living in Modesto — and no, that does not include Amber Frey, who is no relation.

News Editorial Flash! Estrada Being Considered for Supreme Court

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The L.A. Times reports — in an editorial about Arlen Specter — that the Bush Administration is considering Miguel Estrada for the Supreme Court:

Indeed, one result of the Specter nomination may be that conservatives back him only in exchange for abolishing a Senate rule that allows nominations to be blocked by a filibuster. It would be no small irony if Specter’s assumption of the Judiciary Committee ended up greasing the skids for radical candidates such as Miguel Estrada, whom the administration is reportedly contemplating nominating for a Supreme Court seat.

Has someone at the White House been reading Patterico?

P.S. A search for “Estrada” on the Times web site reveals no mention of this on the Times‘s news pages. Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd to see this news revealed in an editorial?

P.P.S. I’ll trade Specter for abolishing filibusters of judicial nominees, as long as he isn’t given free rein to block nominees from a floor vote. Grease the skids, baby!

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