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European Insanity

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Doctors ignoring your pleas to save your baby’s life — on the authority of the government?? Sick. Barcepundit explains.

Frist on Specter: Captain Ed and Hindrocket Disagree

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Captain Ed appears to disagree with Bill Frist’s comments this morning, in which Frist said that Sen. Specter must give the president’s judicial nominees a floor vote if Specter wants to chair the Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, Hindrocket appears to approve.

I am totally with Hindrocket on this one, as my previous comments make clear. I don’t support Specter for the chair position, but I can live with it — as long as he does what he’s told.

I think Captain Ed is going soft on us. Too much exposure to Hugh Hewitt — who, I hasten to add, is a great guy who just happens to be wrong on this issue.

Fisking Kinsley on Judicial Activism

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I am generally not a fan of fisking. But Michael Kinsley’s op-ed this morning, titled Who Are the Activists Now?, screams to be fisked. It is so full of muddled reasoning and poor arguments that we’re going to have to take it apart completely.

Professor Chaos Gets a Wizbanging

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What’s a “Wizbanging”? Visit Professor Chaos to find out.

PrestoPundit’s Moral Values Ticket

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 1:25 am

PrestoPundit confesses: he voted a moral values ticket. But it’s not what you think.

Irony Upon Irony Upon Irony

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Patterico @ 12:50 am

There is a new and amusing (and ironic) development in TalkLeft’s whitewash of a leftist blogger’s post advocating the killing of the president.

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