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Leftist: Ashcroft Is Right

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Do terrorists deserve the protections of the Geneva Convention? Leftist Sonny Parlin says no, in a post titled Ashcroft is Right.

Orin Kerr on Ninth Circuit Bench Memos

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Orin Kerr has an interesting post at the Volokh Conspiracy titled Bench Memos and the Ninth Circuit. Bench memos are the memos prepared by law clerks for their judges. Kerr explains that, in most circuits, each judge on a three-judge panel has a separate bench memo prepared by their law clerks — whereas the general practice in the Ninth Circuit is for the three judges on a panel to share a single bench memo, prepared by a clerk for one of the judges.

I think this helps explain why some Ninth Circuit opinions just aren’t very well-reasoned.

One point: I know someone who clerked for Judge Rymer, and her practice is to have a bench memo prepared for each case in which she participates — regardless of whether a bench memo is being prepared by another judge’s clerk.

As a result, she is fully prepared for every case — and she participates in far fewer poorly reasoned decisions.

Justin Levine Fisks Hugh Hewitt

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Go read every word of Justin Levine’s excellent post taking on Hugh Hewitt for his position on Arlen Specter.

Like virtually every other conservative who disagrees with Hewitt, I will say: Hewitt is a great man. My disagreement with him does not diminish my respect for him.

At the same time, I have to say . . .

Justin Levine is right. And Hugh Hewitt is wrong.

Effect of Comment Spam

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Due to some comment spam having been cleaned off the site too slowly, I am now getting all sorts of hits from people looking for all manner of famous unclothed women. These visitors are all disappointed, because the posts they visit no longer contain the spam with the relevant links. But it is costing me bandwidth, to no particular end.

Anyway, if you happened to check my referral logs and saw these searches, I figured I’d explain why. Although I’m guessing I’m the only person who ever does that.


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Saw The Incredibles yesterday with the wife and kids. It was excellent — much more an adventure film than any other Pixar film to date. I wouldn’t term it a “kid movie” at all. Go see it this weekend, if you haven’t already.

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