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TalkLeft Can’t Handle the Truth

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Don’t miss the P.P.S. to this post of mine.

The controversy concerns a TalkLeft post that portrayed a blogger as a victim of governmental harassment — a visit from the Secret Service — supposedly for the simple offense of being “critical” of President Bush. In a comment to TalkLeft’s post, I had the audacity to quote the blogger’s post, to show that said blogger had not simply “criticized” Bush — she had actually advocated President Bush’s assassination! Once you get past TalkLeft’s whitewash of the blogger’s ugly behavior, you can understand why the Secret Service might have gotten involved.

Here’s where the irony gets rich. TalkLeft, having stood up for the blogger who advocated killing Bush — and having misled people as to what that blogger had actually said — edited my comment, to remove any reference to the fact that the blogger had advocated Bush’s assassination!

Then she added a snarky update trying to make me sound like a jerk for pointing out that she had defended someone who was expressly advocating killing George Bush.

TalkLeft, you defended this blogger, but you couldn’t handle it when people like me pointed out the ugly things she actually said — things you tried to minimize in your original post. You can try to squelch opposition on your own blog, but you can’t control the entire internet. If you distort the truth on your site, as you did in your post, your distortions will be revealed elsewhere — like here.

If you’d care to defend your behavior, feel free to do so in a comment. As long as your comment is truthful, I won’t edit it. We’re not scared of the truth here.

P.S. I have had a couple of AOL users complain in recent weeks that they can’t leave comments. It’s possible that, in banning a spammer’s IP address, I inadvertently blocked some or all AOL users. So if you try to leave a comment and fail, that is the reason; I haven’t banned you specifically. If that does happen, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll print whatever you want to say, though it may not be until this evening.

13 Responses to “TalkLeft Can’t Handle the Truth”

  1. I don’t need defending from your spurious attack. Nor for my actions. I did respond over here to a more rational discussion of the issue.

    End of story for me. Feel free to stop reading TalkLeft any time now.

    talkleft (b7b32e)

  2. Over where?

    And this discussion is quite rational, afaict.

    tonecluster (12176c)

  3. Jeralyn has managed to establish a history of confusing opinions with which she disagrees with opinions that shouldn’t be expressed. I wouldn’t take her too seriously.

    I’m a little sad to say that I’ve written her off. I used to have a lot of respect for her for being moderate but fervent. But after the election — when everybody else was coming together in a new spirit of compromise and cooperation — she posted a lengthy diatribe about how Bush isn’t her president and blah blah blah.

    From what I can tell, she’s not interested in participating any more. She’s off in her own world. Which is fine, I guess, but it makes any attempt at establishing radio contact pretty pointless.

    Jeff Harrell (937967)

  4. Hey! Ease up on Dan Rarther’s hero Joe Wilson.

    Rod Stanton (f10b45)

  5. Sweet! Looks like you’ve got your own Rathergate!
    The LLLLoonies just don’t know when to roll over and play dead.

    Max Power (1ff727)

  6. I’ll have to second Jeff’s comments above. TL’s site has become a forum for the “angry left” for whom the difference between facts & propoganda is irrelevant.

    The editing of your comment on that sire doesn’t surprise me; even reasonable comments there are often deleted on the basis of ideology. Additionally, TL also explicitly “quotas.” Those who question the Leftist dogma are limited to 4 comments per day, regardless of how politely or accurately they make a point. Leftists, many of whom cannot seem to write a post that is NOT merely a personal insult, are encouraged to comment as frequently as possible. The general level of commentary has been diminished as a result.

    The level of Talkleft’s propoganda is still rising, even after the election now. I Expect it to get worse. TL is now officially teamed with Atrios & Kos in “Blogpac.” (I posted on its shameful initial effort that mocked the deaths of soldiers.)

    Anyway, I noticed immediately after the Blogpac announcement that TL’s site, along with Kos & Atrios, appeared to be posting v-e-r-y early and in sync with the Dem talking points, as if they were getting inside info as to what Kerry’s next attack would be. The obvious conclusion: they were taking their marching orders directly from the Dems.

    I’d expect that to continue; can’t see why it would change. has, IMHO, given up its independence and joined the Dem party. This, I think, explains all of the above.

    ras (edf21c)

  7. In case anybody’s curious, here’s what the HTML looked like:

    I did respond <a>over here</a> to a more rational discussion of the issue.

    As you can see, not only didn’t she link to anything, it doesn’t appear that she even attempted to. It’s one thing to forget an opening or closing quotation mark, type a dash where the equal sign should be, etc. It’s quite another to type an anchor sequence with nothing resembling a URL at all. What was it supposed to do, trick everybody into thinking there was a link when there wasn’t?

    Meanwhile, my efforts to find a response to a discussion she considers rational are turning up empty. A search for “anniesj” in her archive turns one and only one post, namely the one Patterico originally responded to. The trackback page reveals only two posts, both of them Patterico’s. Lord only knows where “over here” was meant to be, if it actually was meant to be anywhere. Perhaps she meant to link Over here? Nah.

    Xrlq (6d213c)

  8. Astonishing story.

    One of the first things I read when I started blogging was a blogging ethics code written way back in 2002 by Rebecca Blood, whose politics probably have little in common with my own. I liked it so much that I’ve permanently linked it in my own blog’s sidebar.

    “Feel free to stop reading TalkLeft any time now”? Sounds a lot like, “Mommy, would you please leave the room so I can steal Janie’s candy and get away with it?”

    Beldar (41c8d4)

  9. Xrlq,

    It is entirely possible that Jeralyn meant to link Armed Liberal’s post on this little dust-up, over here.

    Patterico (756436)

  10. No I was linking to my long answer about this on Winds of Change. Perhaps your comments work differently than mine –on mine, I typed


    it’s at winds of change. if this doesn’t work, I can reprint it.

    talkleft (b7b32e)

  11. TL wrote:

    Perhaps your comments work differently than mine

    Yeah, I’ll bet that’s it, seeing as one of you uses Movable Type while the other uses Movable Type.

    Xrlq (816c74)

  12. Take a Walk on the Blog Side
    Haven’t done a round-up in a while, so here goes:

    Even while sleeping on the job, Patterico does a fine job exposing Jeralyn Merritt as the political hack that she is.

    He didn’t need any help in this endeavor, but Armed Liberal and I provided…

    damnum absque injuria (2c5473)

  13. Talkleft is involved in a controversy
    There is a controversy going on in the blogosphere concerning a post by “anniesj” on her weblog that brought a visit to her by Secret Service agents.

    It seems to me that both sides have gone a bit overboard in their hyperbole. This link will take… (6ce825)

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