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Professor Advises Others to Consciously Spread Falsehood

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Eugene Volokh tells the story of a leftist professor and newspaper commenter named Tom Schaller, who has encouraged people to lie about George W. Bush, saying:

No matter whom you talk to outside our circles, begin to perpetuate the (false, exaggerated) notion that George Bush’s victory was built not merely on values issues, but gay marriage specifically.

Volokh asks:

Is it just me, or is there something especially troublesome in such a statement — not just something you think is an error or even a lie, but an explicit call urging people to spread what the author expressly acknowledges is falsehood and exaggeration — coming from an academic and a commentator for various leading newspapers?

Both professions, it seems to me, are supposed to be committed to the pursuit and dissemination of truth.

Ah . . . “supposed to be” — now there’s the rub. Sometimes they are, but quite often they’re not — especially when the professions’ practitioners are blinded by an obsession with a leftist political viewpoint, as Schaller clearly is.

One suspects that this sort of thing goes on all the time. Most are just more artful than Schaller was.

Power Line and Patterico Agree on Specter

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I think Hindrocket at Power Line, with his post titled A Middle Ground on Arlen Specter, is saying essentially the same thing I have been saying about Specter. That is, the wisest course is to complain to Frist about Specter — but don’t blow a gasket if Specter becomes the head of the Committee, if party leaders are assuring us that Specter won’t block the President’s nominees. That’s what we care about, ultimately.

New York Times: Crime Goes Down “Despite” Increase in Prison Population

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I have previously discussed on this blog

the common liberal complaint that people are being incarcerated “despite” the fact that crime rates are going down. This is even described as “ironic” by liberals at times. The liberals never seem to give any credence to the possibility that crime rates are going down precisely because more people are being incarcerated.

Just to prove that I am not making this up, I direct your attention to a New York Times article from today’s edition, titled (more…)

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