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Big Media Myth Could Help Steer Bush Rightward

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Media sheep consistently bleat that President Bush governed like a hard-right conservative in his first term. For example, today’s L.A. Times says:

Four years ago, George W. Bush won his first term with fewer votes than his opponent, but governed as if the nation had granted him a clear mandate to pursue conservative policies.

This is nonsense, of course. It’s the kind of thing Big Media types keep repeating until it becomes Conventional Wisdom, but there’s little to back it up. To take one example near and dear to my heart: name one conservative judge who Bush truly fought for. [sound of crickets chirping]

But I hope I keep hearing this myth repeated — because it will result in a more conservative second term.

To see why, let’s pretend the myth is true, and see where that logic leads us.

In 2000, presidential candidate Bush promised to be a “uniter, not a divider” — and lost the popular vote. The Electoral College result was so close that many argue Bush was “selected” by the Supreme Court, rather than elected by the people.

But in 2004, President Bush did not emphasize bringing the country together and healing political divisions. He ran on a platform of strength and decisive leadership, and on an established record — one which Big Media says was quite conservative. And he did a hell of a lot better than he had in 2000.

Bush won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes, garnering a majority — something Bill Clinton never managed to achieve. No court intervention was necessary to determine the winner. And Bush won his second term while picking up seats in both houses of Congress — something no President has done since 1936.

In other words, the President has a mandate. Even the L.A. Times admits it:

This time, Bush can claim a solid mandate of 51% of the vote, which made him the first presidential candidate to win a clear majority since 1988 — a point Bush aides made repeatedly Wednesday.

I guess all those conservative policies must have served him well, huh?

So keep it up, L.A. Times. Go on saying that Bush was conservative in his first term. Maybe you can convince Bush he really was conservative. Because if he believes that, then he will be motivated to do more of the same — meaning more conservative policies.

And this will have been aided and abetted by a fiction spread by the pack mentality of Big Media.


2 Responses to “Big Media Myth Could Help Steer Bush Rightward”

  1. “This is nonsense, of course.” Really? I mean were no people hung in the town square like Quakers? Unblieveable.

    Jeremiah Jewett (52ca0e)

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