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Arizona Results: Not So “In Play”

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Presidential results show Bush won in Arizona, 55% to 44%. (For purposes of comparison, Kerry won California by exactly the same margin: 55% to 44%.)

Guess Arizona wasn’t so “in play” after all . . .

Supreme Dreams

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With the election now decidedly in favor of strong moves by Bush on judicial nominations, even the Wall Street Journal is daring to dream the Great Dream: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America Antonin Scalia.

Inspired by this, I decided to craft my own dream Supreme Court. I’ve got nine Justices, and what a glorious Court it would be. Read on for my picks. Whenever I feel the urge to procrastinate work, I’ll prepare a short biography of each of the judges, because most people won’t recognize more than a couple of the names.

Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude

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Gloating, as seen in this Angry Clam post, is a human reaction.

For example:

At the election party, once a Bush victory was starting to look like a real possibility, an attendee who shall go unnamed said — with a big grin: “I really want to read Matthew Yglesias’s site right about now. Is that wrong?”

The same person later warned us all to be “magnanimous in victory.” All the same, he did end up sneaking a peek at Yglesias’s site. (As it turned out, Yglesias wasn’t saying anything.)

Today, Xrlq warns us not to gloat. (UPDATE: Or does he, really?) It’s bad form, he says — and I think he’s right. But the Angry Clam described some fun he had mocking tearful Democrats at his law school, and soon Xrlq was acknowledging the pleasure of watching others’ suffering: “Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude.” (Joy in others’ suffering is the most beautiful joy.)

Tomorrow morning I plan to run a post on my own personal reaction, which is not quite “LOSER!” — but nowhere near “Let’s heal the wounds.” I’d tell you more, but that would spoil the tease.

Winner is Declared

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The outcome of the presidential election was clear much earlier — but now all questions of fraud have been put to rest, and a winner has been formally declared, after winning a majority of the vote.

Pinch Me

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First Bush is elected, Chief Obstructionist Tom Daschle gets his ticket punched, and Proposition 66 goes down in flames. Now terrorist and mass murderer Yasser Arafat’s health has taken a turn for the worse.

Can this day get any better?

Man of the Day: Henry Nicholas

Filed under: No on 66 — Patterico @ 6:14 pm

I am through fretting and am prepared to declare that Proposition 66 has been defeated.

I said a while back about Proposition 66:

This initiative will not be defeated absent something startling — a huge influx of money, a strong campaign waged by Governor Arnold, or a massive and spirited talk-radio campaign. Chances are, even all three will not be enough.

But, though I predicted defeat, I wasn’t a defeatist. There is a difference between assessing your chances as low, and giving up. I thought we would lose this battle — but in life, it’s often most important to fight the battles you think you are going to lose. As I said then:

The road ahead will be tough — so tough that it’s tempting simply to give up. But we can’t. Although it will be a difficult and expensive fight, it’s a fight worth fighting.

The road was tough. A few weeks back, we had a lot of good talk radio support, but Arnold had not stepped up to the plate, and the money was not there.

Eventually, we got all three — and it was enough.

I have had my doubts about Arnold in the past, but he came through for us here.

But the most important part was the money, which allowed opponents of 66 to educate the public about what was really at stake. And so, as alert reader Hank K. points out to me, we owe a big debt of gratitude to Henry Nicholas, who largely financed the opposition in the closing days of the campaign. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Nicholas’s contributions to the anti-66 campaign saved lives. He should be the happiest man in California tonight, knowing that he has helped to keep our streets safe.

Join me in thanking Henry Nicholas.

P.S. Just because this flawed proposition was voted down, does not mean that all is hunky-dory with the Three Strikes law. Californians were educated about the deficiencies in this proposed fix, but they clearly think the law should be changed. And, in some cases, it’s the right thing to do. So let’s preempt another such initiative, and work with the legislature to pass reasonable reform.

Any such reform cannot let dangerous criminals out, regardless of whether their current crime is a petty theft or a drug offense. I don’t want the criminals I have discussed in my numerous anti-66 posts getting out. But judges should be given wider discretion to reduce third-strike sentences retroactively. And there should be a presumption that prosecutors are not to seek 25-to-life for current non-strike offenses — but a presumption that can be overcome when the criminal’s history is particularly egregious, or the current offense indicates dangerousness, or a lack of reform on the defendant’s part.

Keep Jerry Keenan five miles away from it. Sam Clauder, too. Get DAs in on the discussion. But with that in mind, let’s get something done.

P.P.S. PrestoPundit reports that my energetic colleague Steve Ipsen was instrumental in inspiring Nicholas to get involved. Great going, Steve!

Iraq: No Somalia

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One of the most important aspects of the election result is that Iraq will not be another Somalia: a military operation that is abandoned, robbing some degree of purpose and meaning from the deaths of those lost on the battlefield.

I am confident that the thing that most worries our troops in Iraq is that 1000+ of their fellow military men and women not have died in vain. When you commit to carrying the mission through, it ensures that those deaths will have meaning. That is one of the most important benefits of re-electing George W. Bush.

Onward to Fallujah, to crush Zarqawi and his band of thugs.


Filed under: 2004 Election — AMac @ 8:22 am

Kerry will concede at 1 PM EST, according to AP News.


Unfit for Command

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 7:06 am

Greg Ransom, whom I met last night, puts it well:

JOHN KERRY’S service record gets an update:

You are unfit for command.

Now let’s Move On.™

Proposition 66 Losing

Filed under: No on 66 — Patterico @ 7:01 am

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Proposition 66 is behind as of 6:41 a.m., 46.6% yes to 53.4% no.

As I said last night (in an update to this Angry Clam post), I am cautiously optimistic, though I still worry about the impact of any uncounted absentee ballots.

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