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Memo to Kerry-Edwards 2004: GIVE IT THE FUCK UP [Posted by Angry Clam]

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Face it, a 100,000 vote lead is not the same as a handful of votes in Florida 2004.

Give it the fuck up. You lost because you suck.

UPDATE BY PATTERICO: My friend the Angry Clam (whom I met tonight for the first time) has well expressed the difference between Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004. I also encourage Kerry & Co. to give it up already. I go to bed confident that Bush won. I am also cautiously optimistic that Proposition 66 has been defeated — though I am far less certain about that, given the large number of outstanding absentee ballots cast before the last-minute ad blitz.

UPDATE BY CLAM: Jeff Doolittle explains why you’re going to lose, John Kerry. Give it up, you lost and big. You will never be president. Your hopes and dreams are forever dashed. It sucks to be you.

BFL Election Party Liveblogging

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This is the Angry Clam coming in live from the BFL Election Night party. More as it comes in.

The mood is optimistic, but uneasy.

Vote No on 66

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If you live in California, the most important vote you will cast today is the one on Proposition 66. I have written over 40 posts explaining why this is the most disastrous initiative to come up for a vote in recent memory.

I see that a lot of people are interested — I am getting a lot of Google hits from searches related to Proposition 66. That’s a good thing. I am convinced that the more you learn about this proposition, the worse it looks. All we need is for people to be educated.

Please — if you are thinking of voting “yes,” look at the posts in my No on 66 category, and consider voting no.

Our safety is at stake.

Election Party

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I’ll be spending Election Eve in the company of some of my favorite bloggers, including (but not limited to) Xrlq, Greg Ransom, Kevin Murphy, Armed Liberal (with T.G. and entourage), Baldilocks, Michael Williams, Little Miss Attila, Jason Rubenstein, the Pirate, DeoDuce, and Aaron.

That sounds like a great night no matter the outcome of the various races.

Call the L.A. Times Editors and Tell Them They’re Weenies

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The L.A. Times has a tradition of not endorsing presidential candidates. So, the day before the election, it printed a non-endorsement endorsement of John Kerry, by running down President Bush in an editorial titled A Failed Presidency.

It’s not an endorsement of John Kerry. Oh, no.

Here are some excerpts from the editorial — which, remember, is not an endorsement:

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