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John Edwards’s Hair

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In case you haven’t already seen this, here is John Edwards messing with his hair.

And here is the contrast between Edwards and G.W. Bush.

Dean Esmay Interviews Steve Gardner

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Dean Esmay continues his excellent series of interviews with SwiftVets, with an exclusive interview with Steve Gardner.

Clam’s Ballot

Filed under: 2004 Election — AMac @ 10:41 pm

Every election, I tell everyone how I voted. Secret ballot be damned. So here we go.

Proposition 66: Jerry Keenan Tries to Buy Your Vote and His Son’s Freedom

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If you support Proposition 66, you are a pawn of a millionaire trying to buy his son’s freedom.

By now you must be aware that the man providing major financing for Proposition 66, millionaire Jerry Keenan, has a son serving a prison sentence for manslaughter. That sentence may be substantially reduced by an obscure provision — inserted into Proposition 66 by Keenan’s lawyer — which would lessen the penalty for personally causing great bodily injury to another during the course of a felony.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, Keenan has claimed, quite implausibly, that his almost $2 million in financial support for the proposition has nothing to do with trying to get his son out of prison early. “I can guarantee you, the money I put into this wasn’t about Richard. It was about fairness.”

Horse hockey. It’s all about Jerry Keenan’s son and always has been. And I have the proof.

A Little Election Humor

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It’s a few days old but still funny.

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