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Target’s Newest Product Much Better Than Marijuana

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And cheaper, too.

(Via Instapundit.)

(Xrlq, get your screenshot now. This won’t last long.)

Brian Williams Removes His Goggles Long Enough to Criticize Bloggers

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So Brian Williams says that bloggers are “on an equal footing with someone in a bathroom with a modem.”

Yeah, everyone knows real journalists don’t come from bathrooms.

They come from tanning booths.

UPDATE: Thanks to Instapundit for the “Heh.”

Scrappleface: Red Cross Reports that Al Qaeda May Violate Geneva Conventions

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According to ScrappleFace, the Red Cross has discovered that Al Qaeda just might be violating the Geneva Convention:

“We’ve found numerous incidents of Al Qaeda captives who were released,” said an unnamed Red Cross source in the Times report. “And for that we applaud Al Qaeda. However, in a footnote to the report, we mention that a disturbing number of these detainees are released without their heads, which we believe may be a violation of the Geneva conventions.”

The source emphasized that “both sides in the war on terror have transgressed.”

“Whether it’s the apparent videotaped beheading of an innocent civilian contractor, or psychological manipulation of an enemy combatant who may have knowledge of planned attacks on the U.S. citizens–it’s all reprehensible,” she said.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, “Sure, we play head games with terrorists to get them to divulge information that will save lives. We can do that at Guantanamo because our detainees have heads. A recent internal study shows that the ratio of detainees to detainee-heads at Gitmo is one-to-one.”

Scott Ott: genius.

P.S. Ott’s post is a response to Comments (5)

Chicago Ring

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Probably only Croche will be interested, but I got my confirmation yesterday that I have been allocated tickets to the 2005 performance of the Wagner Ring Cycle in Chicago.

James Morris as Wotan. Jane Eaglen as Brunnhilde. Placido Domingo as Siegmund. And I’m on the main floor (okay, in the last row, and mostly on the side. Still.).

Pretty sweet — if you like that kind of thing, that is.

Slacking Off

Filed under: Education — AMac @ 12:34 am

Professor Bainbridge illustrates the perks of tenure.

The big question, however, is if while he’s doing this, he’s exploiting the (academic) proletariat, like the capitalist roader we all know he is.


Spirit of America

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Now we’re talking! $371 contributed in the name of the Bear Flag League!

But not one Patterico reader has stepped up to the plate to say: Yes! I contributed!

All you have to do is go here and make a donation of any size. Then leave us a comment to let us know you did.

Don’t Get Cocky, NYT Editors! Los Angeles Times Editors Also Know How to Regurgitate Talking Points from the Left!

Filed under: Abortion,Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 6:48 pm

Newspaper editorial writers could learn something from bloggers.

Blogging etiquette generally requires that bloggers “show their work” by providing links to their sources (or, if no Web link is available, to explain where readers can go to find the source).

Editorial writers, by contrast, usually throw out “facts” with no attribution. Often, their failure to provide sources for their assertions helps them to obscure the fact that they are relying on blatantly partisan and unreliable sources for their information.

Yesterday, I showed you how New York Times editors swallowed whole some Democrat talking points regarding judicial filibusters. Today, I’d like to provide another example of an editorial blindly repeating baseless assertions made by special interest groups. Today’s example comes courtesy of the leftist editors at the Los Angeles Times.

Could we Please get this Man off the Supreme Court?

Filed under: Law — AMac @ 4:50 pm

If Larry Solum’s summary of the arguments in Raich v. Ashcroft (the medical marijuana/commerce clause case) is correct, Justice Stevens needs to be ejected from the Court. Check out this exchange (which, as Solum notes, isn’t a total transcript, but unless his substance is way off, is still very troubling):

First They Ban the Salvation Army, and Now This

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 7:21 am

Target is expanding its product line.

(Bong sold separately.)

(Via South Knox Bubba.)

UPDATE: The page is gone, and I didn’t get a screen shot. But Xrlq did.

So What Is the Argument?

Filed under: Terrorism — Patterico @ 6:21 am

Democrats are always saying Republicans are masters of P.R. I always wonder what they have to do to keep a straight face while saying such things. After a Democrat says that on television, watch his mouth area closely for telltale spurts of blood emanating from his lip, which he has been biting down on hard, to keep from exploding with raucous laughter.

Every time something supposedly bad happens in a partisan battle, it is the Republicans’ fault. Who shut the government down — Bill Clinton or the Republicans? I rest my case.

So now you have this intelligence bill. Put aside the question of whether the reforms will help anything all that much (after all, the media is putting that very question aside). Whose fault is it that it’s not passing?

Why, those two Republicans, of course. For insisting on absurd things like making sure driver’s license requirements aren’t weak. It’s certainly not the fault of the other side, for insisting that driver’s license requirements remain weak.

Cori Dauber asks: just what is the argument for keeping driver’s license requirements weak anyway?

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