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Bill Jones: Loser

Filed under: 2004 Election — AMac @ 5:49 pm

I know that the headline is self-evident. Still, does anyone else get the feeling that Jones was running to get the nomination, and not even to bother contesting the election? The man is broke, and hasn’t run a single advertisement. Still, one would expect some sort of center of the news section article on a campaign promise, or speech, or whatever.

Nothing. I swear, I’ve seen Libertarian Party candidates get more press than that joker Bill Jones. I think the kicker, however, was my getting a GOTV phone call from the LA GOP, which didn’t bother mentioning Jones’ name.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Howard Kaloogian. Yes, he’s a schmoe, but at least he was interesting, unlike that tool Bill Jones.

13 Responses to “Bill Jones: Loser”

  1. I voted for Jones, but wouldn’t have if I’d seen his NRA rating, which was about three levels lower than I assumed it was. Of the candidates who debated at the convention in February, only Toni Casey made much of any impression on me. And in all fairness, that impression may have been partly due to the low expectations I started out with.

    Xrlq (6d213c)

  2. It’s pretty sad that Barbara ‘Dumb as a box of Bricks’ Boxer can’t get a decent opponent in this State. What a pathetic waste of a Senator she is! It just goes to show that a blithering idiot can survive as Senator on incumbency alone.

    If I hear her in Congress in her mother-hen voice referring to Californians as “my people” one more time, I’m gonna puke.

    clark (866957)

  3. I tried to tell you to vote for Marin… She would have had a fighting chance…

    Miller's Time (ed9ce9)

  4. Great, a liberal woman, or a liberal woman who was, additionally, the beneficiary of affirmative action.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    The Angry Clam (c96486)

  5. Jones was frozen out by the national Republicans, in part, for endorsing McCain in 2000.

    Not that that excuses Jones’ non-campaign. And Clam, any Republican would be better than that feminazi. There would be issues you’d agree with Marin on. Not likely with Boxer.

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  6. Right, but the fact that Rosario would not have been taken seriously at all as a candidate were her name “Rose Martin” makes the thought of voting for her disgusting.

    I will not be complicit in affirmative action.

    The Angry Clam (c96486)

  7. I forgot Jones was even running, thats how bad his campaign was. I havn’t seen a single Jones sign and I live in the mostly conservative Orange County.

    Typical Californian GOP puts up yet another loser, and at the federal level the RNC has all but forsaken California and ignored it completley. Sad really.

    Gabriel Chapman (b8ff91)

  8. Rosario would have run a campaign. It’s impt for Republicans to run women & minorities, because it puts the lie to the Dems’ plantation. She’s personable & would have given Boxer a run for her money. Pointless rmks about whether she benefited from affirmative action are a beautiful example of why the Republian party in California has no power.

    jeff (1ca233)

  9. I did see a Jones TV spot here in NorCal – yesterday? Saturday? You see how memorable it was… The Contra Costa Times actually endorsed him in the 11/1 paper —

    “We know full well that Bill Jones, our choice for the U. S. Senate, will not likely win the race against incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer. Without putting too fine a point on it, Jones has run a poor campaign.

    We don’t so much mean poor as to quality, although that could be argued, we mean poor in the sense of having no funds. Jones was unable to raise sufficient money to mount a serious challenge to what we thought was a very beatable opponent. Truthfully, that may say more about the California Republican Party than it does about Jones.”

    john (e28e82)

  10. bill jones embodies the now growing-in-truth maxim in this state/country that the people capable of governing cant get elected and the people capable of getting elected cant govern.

    a very nice man and a fine citizen and public servant, but a deeply flawed candidate.

    cali white bear (39cae8)

  11. I wasn’t thrilled with Marin, but voted for her because at least she could have drawn some media attention to the race. 2 women with one being a minority. Yeah I have the race card playing, but I hate Boxer even more.

    Aaron (b083ef)

  12. Wasn’t Bill Jones the original legislative sponsor of the current 3-Strikes law?

    Cz (494d1f)

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