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Osama Video

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It was interesting to watch the Osama video — although I have to say that it was jarring when, at the end, the President came on and said: “I’m George W. Bush and I approved this message.”

Because Osama has just handed Bush a huge gift. Osama thinks the United States can be intimidated like Spain. But he’s wrong. We cannot. This is a huge miscalculation by bin Laden, and could be decisive in helping to elect Bush.

Mystery prize for the first photoshop of a still from the Osama video showing Osama holding up an “Elect Kerry” sign.

German Paper Endorses Bush

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Ray of Medienkritik reports that Germany’s largest newspaper, the BILD, has endorsed George W. Bush.

UPDATE: Xrlq in the comments notes a caveat: this paper is a tabloid equivalent of the National Enquirer. (Croche makes the same observation, but is typically smug and arrogant about it.) Thanks to Xrlq for helping to put this in context.

Answer to Yesterday’s Quiz

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Yesterday I asked you this quiz question: what misstatement in this editorial was so blatant that even L.A. Times editors agreed with me that it needed to be corrected?

The answer is here, in this correction from today:

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