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Accepted Wisdom™ on Missing Weapons

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(Accepted Wisdom™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite.)

It is Accepted Wisdom™ that:

We currently cannot find any significant caches of WMD in Iraq. This means none existed in Iraq when we invaded. The UN said Saddam used to have them, but he must have destroyed them before the invasion. BushLied™ when he said otherwise.

And at the same time:

We currently cannot find explosives at Al Qaqaa. This means they existed at Al Qaqaa when we invaded, and we let them get looted. The UN said Saddam used to have such weapons there, but he did not dispose of (or disperse) them before the invasion. BushLies™ when he says otherwise.


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This guy is above a cheap ploy for blogging prominence. But I’m not. (Via PrestoPundit.)

Good Recommendations on California Ballot Initiatives

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Courtesy of QandO Blog.

Regarding the Missing Explosives

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Tom Maguire has a crazy idea — maybe Saddam dispersed the explosives to insurgents?

He cites evidence for the idea from a particular news organization, the name of which is on the tip of my tongue — oh, right: the New York Times!

Evidently this didn’t occur to them while writing their “explosive” front-page story yesterday.

Andrew Sullivan Endorses Kerry

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I don’t read Andrew Sullivan any more, so I really don’t care about this, but — since alert reader Hank K. recently made such a point of proving to me that Andrew Sullivan had not officially endorsed Kerry, I thought I would point out to Hank that Sullivan finally has.

Troubling Precedent? Or Just Common Sense?

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I am taking a survey. The L.A. Times‘s Ronald Brownstein recently said:

The Wisconsin GOP, setting a troubling precedent, plans to conduct background checks on 100,000 new voters to determine if they are legally registered.

I know there are plenty of libertarians among the conservatives (and some others) who read this blog, so there may well be diverse answers to my question: do you consider this a “troubling precedent”?

My answer: hell, no. Our election system doesn’t even require people to show identification when we vote. It is a system that depends upon trust, when there is no longer reason to trust.

But maybe you feel differently.

The Discriminatory No-Fly List

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I had a debate with a liberal friend today in which he mocked the actions President Bush has taken in protecting America from terror attacks. One of his criticisms was the no-fly list, which he says has been compiled in a discriminatory fashion.

I replied that he was obviously right, as evidenced by the fact that Sen. Ted Kennedy showed up on a no-fly list — and all he ever did was kill one woman.

Lawrence O’Donnell Goes Insane

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My internet connection is up temporarily, so I thought I’d check out something I was just listening to on a local radio talk show: Big Media representative Lawrence O’Donnell trying to drown out John O’Neill by calling him a “liar” about 4,000 times in a row. It’s quite an amazing performance, in which O’Donnell comes across like someone who is seriously unbalanced. And his attitude towards O’Neill is representative of much of Big Media.

The story is about 4 days old, but I am just now catching up to it. If you haven’t seen a clip of O’Donnell’s unhinged diatribe, you can watch one here.

Incidentally, the point John O’Neill was trying to make — about the proof that John Kerry wrote the after-action report for the incident in which he saved Jim Rassmann’s life — was discussed on my blog here. You can go look at it now — and there’s not a damn thing Lawrence O’Donnell can do to stop it.

The Mote in Your Eye, Part 2

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It takes a special brand of self-righteous arrogance to blame other people for your own failures. The editors of the Los Angeles Times have this sort of arrogance in bountiful supply. This is how they can keep a straight face as they blame the residents of Los Angeles for ignoring the crime problem in South L.A. — while ignoring their own newspaper’s role in creating this atmopshere of indifference.


A Day I Thought We’d Never See

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The failed October Surprise has caused the unthinkable: Spoons is voting for Bush.

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