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What Was He Thinking?

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John Ashcroft is busy endangering his image as “That Satanic Right-wing Fascist Monster in the Justice Department. We find out that

some officials at the highest levels of the Bush administration began privately venting their frustration about both the slow pace of the Pentagon’s new courts and the soundness of their rules. Attorney General John Ashcroft was especially vocal.

“Timothy McVeigh was one of the worst killers in U.S. history,” Mr. Ashcroft said at one meeting of senior officials, according to two of those present. “But at least we had fair procedures for him.”

(Link via The Volokh Conspiracy)

What’s really upsetting is word, through the Clam channels, that Ashcroft would not stay on as Attorney General for four more years if when Bush wins reelection. The Clam is currently considering employment with the DOJ, complete with interview, and doesn’t much care to work for anyone besides Ashcroft.

Responding to the Call

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On October 22, Dan Weintraub had this to say about Arnold’s recent activities:

Schwarzenegger today unveiled a hydrogen-powered version of his favorite vehicle — the Hummer — at Los Angeles International Airport, where he opened the state’s first retail hydrogen refilling station.

Internet Still Down

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My internet connection at home is still down. This has delayed my publication of an interview I did with Sherry Souza. Ms. Souza is the mother of one of the people killed by the son of millionaire Jerry Keenan, who is bankrolling Proposition 66. She told me some interesting things that make it clear that Keenan’s support of Proposition 66 is the latest in a pattern of efforts to try to manipulate the system to free his son, who killed two people in a drunk-driving accident. I will try to get that interview up within the next couple of days, somehow.

I will also do what I can to keep an eye on the Dog Trainer, which I am still reading in the dead trees form.

The technician should be out in a few days to (hopefully) reestablish my internet connection. In the meantime, Clam, now would be a perfect time to spout off some of your trademark Angry opinions.

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