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Saturday at the Dog Trainer

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Due to his lack of Internet access, Patterico has asked me to post this for him:

Folks: I have had almost no internet access for about a week, and this condition will probably persist for another week. I have been posting items during my lunch hour at work, or during rare periods where the connection goes up for a few precious moments. I haven’t given up blogging, but this has made regular posting impossible. Thought I’d let you know.

For some reason, my limited access to the internet allows me to send and receive e-mail (occasionally and slowly), but I can’t post items to my blog. I have asked my friend Xrlq to post the following observations about today’s L.A. Times. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the links to the articles or other citations, but if you read the paper today, you’ll remember these stories. [I found most of the links, and have added them. -Ed.]

Patterico Can’t Post

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Patterico has asked me to inform y’all that his Internet access is down right now. He can get email but not post.

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