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Clam’s Claptrap: Guantanamo

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I thought I’d make it clear in the heading that this was me, rather than Patterico, posting.

By now, I’m sure everyone’s seen the New York Times article “Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base”.

It alleges “abusive” conditions against prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Read on for what this entails.

Chicago Tribune Strongly Endorses Bush

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Today’s must-read is this Chicago Tribune editorial endorsing George W. Bush for President. The whole thing is fabulous. Here’s a taste:

Kerry displays great faith in diplomacy as the way to solve virtually all problems. Diplomatic solutions should always be the goal. Yet that principle would be more compelling if the world had a better record of confronting true crises, whether proffered by the nuclear-crazed ayatollahs of Iran, the dark eccentrics of North Korea, the genocidal murderers of villagers in Sudan–or the Butcher of Baghdad.

In each of these cases, Bush has pursued multilateral strategies. In Iraq, when the UN refused to enforce its 17th stern resolution–the more we learn about the UN’s corrupt Oil-for-Food program, the more it’s clear the fix was in–Bush acted. He thus reminded many of the world’s governments why they dislike conservative and stubborn U.S. presidents (see Reagan, Ronald)….

Kerry, though, has lost his way. The now-professed anti-war candidate says he still would vote to authorize the war he didn’t vote to finance. He used the presidential debates to telegraph a policy of withdrawal. His Iraq plan essentially is Bush’s plan. All of which perplexes many.

Worse, it plainly perplexes Kerry. (“I do believe Saddam Hussein was a threat,” he said Oct. 8, adding that Bush was preoccupied with Iraq, “where there wasn’t a threat.”) What’s not debatable is that Kerry did nothing to oppose White House policy on Iraq until he trailed the dovish Howard Dean in the race for his party’s nomination. Also haunting Kerry: his Senate vote against the Persian Gulf war–driven by faith that, yes, more diplomacy could end Saddam Hussein’s rape of Kuwait.

The logic of the piece is inescapable. Go read it now.

(Via Kevin Murphy.)

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