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Prison Rape

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Here is a story for everyone who thinks prison rape is funny. I don’t know whether the person profiled in the story is telling the truth, but I know that his claims are emblematic of things that take place in prisons daily throughout the nation. According to the story, the man was guilty of relatively minor and nonviolent property and narcotics offenses — yet he was being passed around like a piece of meat by gangbangers (in every sense of the word) far more violent and evil than he.

What’s funny about that?

Carl Cameron Blows It

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I like Carl Cameron of Fox News. But my initial reaction to this (a story that has evidently been around for a couple of weeks, but remember: I’m playing catch-up here) is that the man should be taken off the coverage of the Kerry campaign, if not outright fired.

Where am I wrong here?

UPDATE: Alert reader Hank K., a valuable contributor who has somehow accidentally gotten banned from making comments, calls me to say that I am all wrong here. He says that the key point is that Carl Cameron has been exceedingly fair to Kerry. Alert reader Hank K. even claims that the Kerry camp has agreed with this assessment. (A quick search reveals Brit Hume making that claim, but I can’t substantiate the claim with a direct link to praise of Cameron from the Kerry camp — which is not to say that Hank K. is wrong, just that I can’t independently verify what he says here.)

Hank K. says Cameron was just goofing around; that what he said about Kerry was in good fun; and that the real idiots are the people who put Cameron’s doodlings on the Fox News web site.

Drum vs. Captain Ed on Swift Vets

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Kevin Drum and Captain Ed appear to have very different views of how convincing the Nightline report was in supposedly debunking the Swift Vets’ claims. I report, you decide, right?

Incidentally, I have a friend who knows Drum and says that he would like to get the two of us together, because (he says) we are “similar in affect.” I’m not sure what that means. In any event, as I have said here many times, I tend to disagree with Drum more often than not, but I respect him as an intelligent and relatively reasonable leftist. His main problem is that he is so popular that his site is infested with extremists who get very upset every time he shows his reasonable side. (And no, that doesn’t mean I am calling him a closet conservative — he is anything but. I honestly mean that he is a generally reasonable man from the left.)

UPDATE: I said “I report, you decide” — well, Tom Maguire has decided:

Terrible job by Kevin Drum; excellent job by the Captain.

I agree.

UPDATE x2: The Internet’s top expert on the Swift Vets, William Dyer of BeldarBlog, says the Nightline report was not even minimally competent.

A Little Humor for You Liberals

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Scott Ott says that the Supreme Court has issued a terse one-page ruling awarding the win in the latest debate to President Bush.

More Second Presidential Debate Observations You Don’t Care About

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Need some wood?

Heh. Good one. Nice delivery, too.

We Didn’t Outsource the Job of Chasing Osama

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Deacon at Power Line explains why John Kerry lies when he says we “outsourced” the job of getting Osama. He also notes that Bush has been incompetent in responding to the charge.

Saddam’s Bar of Soap

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Still catching up on my blog reading. Mickey Kaus had a great point here:

If a man says he has a gun, acts like he has a gun, and convinces everyone around him he has a gun, and starts waving it around and behaving recklessly, the police are justified in shooting him (even if it turns out later he just had a black bar of soap). Similarly, according to the Duelfer report, Saddam seems to have intentionally convinced other countries, and his own generals, that he had WMDs. He also convinced much of the U.S. government. If we reacted accordingly and he turns out not to have had WMDs, whose fault is that?

Well put.

Second Debate, Not That You Care

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It’s very frustrating looking at the videos of the second Presidential debate, because nobody cares what I have to say about it — it’s old news — but it’s newer to me now than the third one is, because I am seeing it for the first time. And I just saw John Kerry say that he always believed Saddam Hussein was a threat — but Bush doesn’t immediately point out that Kerry voted against the first Iraq war. Aaaugh!

I was told that Bush was excellent in this debate. Not if he missed opportunities like that!

An Illustration of the Importance of Putting Major Corrections on the Front Page

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During my vacation, the L.A. Times made a mistake in its coverage of the Swift Boat Vets’ criticism of John Kerry. Now that is certainly nothing new — but I think that the nature of the mistake, and the way it came about, illustrate three theories that I have been advancing on these pages for as long as I can remember:

  • Almost nobody reads the correction sections of even the major newspapers;
  • Therefore, newspapers should give more prominent placement to corrections of important errors on the significant issues of the day; and
  • Newspapers should assign someone with editorial responsibility to read blogs on a regular basis.

Here’s what happened:

Jon Brion Profile

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Jon Brion is a musician who was with a band called The Grays in the early ’90s, and has since had a unique solo career. He does incredible improvisional shows every Friday night at a club in Los Angeles called Largo. My wife and I have seen many of these shows. He was profiled on National Public Radio a couple of days ago. If you’re interested, you can listen to the segment by going here.

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