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Vice-Presidential Debate

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I’m going back and watching the videos of the debates I missed. Right now I’m watching the first part of the Vice-Presidential debate, and I know you don’t care because it’s ancient history, but — man, is Cheney ever walloping the crap out of Edwards! (In my humble opinion.) I can’t figure out why I ever thought Edwards was an impressive candidate. He looks and sounds like a silly little kid next to Cheney.

P.S. After watching a little more (I’m only 30 minutes in) — did I say that Cheney was walloping the crap out of Edwards? I’m sorry. I meant to say he was walloping the ever-loving crap out of Edwards. When Edwards opens his eyes so wide and so earnest and says that we have suffered 90% of the Coalition casualties, Cheney just whacks him with a two-by-four for suggesting that the sacrifices of the Iraqis don’t count. This is good stuff. Was the rest of the debate this one-sided? Edwards is getting his clock cleaned, as must have been obvious to any serious person watching the debate. No wonder Bush wants to keep Cheney.

So: Who Won?

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The consensus of the Fox News crowd is that Bush won handily. I don’t know about that — I agreed with Chris Wallace that Bush simply ducked a couple of questions, and left openings for Kerry to sound more on top of things. For example: whether or not you agree with the assault weapons ban, both candidates professed to favor it. So, it sounds better to say “I would have led a fight” than to suggest (as Bush did) that you favor something but — shrug — they said the bill wouldn’t move.

But Bush sure did a heck of a lot better than he did in the first debate (which, remember, was the only other debate I have seen yet due to my vacation).

The Wife Question

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Bush had a great answer on the wife question! “To listen to her. Stand up straight and don’t scowl.” This is a good example of why people like Bush.

And he is standing up straight and (mostly) not scowling. Good advice, Laura.

Kerry doesn’t really seem to want to talk about his wife. Don’t blame him.

Stock Kerry Answer

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“The President hasn’t done [insert policy goal].” Meaningful look, followed by: “I will.” No explanation of how ever comes.

A Little Shot

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Bush gets off a shot at news organizations. Red meat for folks like me, and I’m lapping it up.

Costs of Health Care

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After a silly chuckle and joke, the President has given a very strong answer on what causes high health care costs: the purchaser is generally not the consumer, so there is no real market. Bingo! Well said. It’s a very Republican, free-market view — and I think it’s the right one.

Kerry’s answer, by contrast, is weak. Not enough governmental intervention and government programs.

Debate Blogging Begins: Ouch

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Was a discussion of abusive lawsuits really the best time for John Kerry to bring up John Edwards’s name?

Three Sensible Letters in a Row

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Don’t miss this morning’s L.A. Times letters to the editor regarding Proposition 66. All three make very good points. The last is by Steve Cooley.

Random Observations from England and Scotland

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Following are some more random observations from my trip to England and Scotland.

Guest Bloggers: Cut Off

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Thanks once again to the guest bloggers for filling in for me. I think, on the whole, that it was a good thing to have guest bloggers, rather than having the site simply sit empty for a week and a half. I had the idea rather late and put out requests rather hurriedly, but I’m pleased with the result. My readers (and I) might not have agreed with everything said by the guest bloggers, and indeed it appears that the guest bloggers might not have agreed with each other on everything. But that’s the nature of a group blog: you get different points of view.

That said, the guest bloggers are hereby cut off. Cut off, I say!

You’re stuck with me again.

Except for the Clam. He can post any time he likes.

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