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It’s Time to Move On

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I opened up today’s Los Angeles Times this evening and saw a story accompanied by a picture of Maxine Waters and State Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally in front of a bunch of microphones. They were giving a press conference calling for the resignation of Dr. Thomas Garthwaite, the director of Los Angeles County’s health department. The precipitating event was the Thursday death of a 28-year-old patient at King/Drew Medical Center, apparently due to negligence by a nurse.

Then somebody whispered to Dymally that the patient had not been black, and he immediately retracted the call for Garthwaite’s resignation, explaining: “To err is human; to forgive is divine.”

I made that last paragraph up — sort of. As CBS would say, the thrust of it is true.

Edwards and Stem Cells

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Senator Edwards, as quoted on the Drudge Report:

“We will stop juvenile diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases… When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.”

Not reported, however, were his follow-up comments, where he said


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This is a little story about perspective, inspired by our return flight home yesterday.

to clear things up

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Before I go, I’d like to respond to the charges that, to quote one commenter, “Mr. Sturm now desperately hopes against hope that Bush loses, so Sturm won’t look the fool”

Au contraire…

Welcome back and goodbye

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Welcome back Patterico, it’s been fun playing here while you were gone.

For my final post, I give you Donald Luskin taking some well placed shots at Daniel Okrent, the Public Editor over at the NYT.

Me, I take the position that Luskin misses the big picture – there’s no way the Times could ever have their Public Editor do what they claim he’s there to do. To the extent you’re interested in this, here’s more.

Thanks again for reading and remember, when Bush ends up losing, I’ll be thinking “I told you so”. If I were feeling petty and small, that is…

I’m Back, Sort Of

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I am back with internet access, after a trip to Jolly Olde England. I am suffering from jet lag and don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing today. I may put up something later this evening.

Thanks very much to my guest bloggers for filling in. They appear to have things well in hand. Their posting privileges will remain active throughout today. I may leave the Clam’s active on a permanent basis, so that if he ever feels like tossing off a post, he’ll have a place to do it.

I did not access the internet at all while I was gone, but I did watch a BBC news broadcast or two in the mornings as the wife and I prepared for a day of sightseeing. The big news of the week in England was the murder of Ken Bigley. There was also a nationwide outcry over the shooting of a fourteen- year-old girl in Nottingham. The clips of the debates I saw on the Beeb had Bush alternating between yelling and looking flummoxed and at a loss for words. I have no idea how the debate actually went, and certainly wasn’t going to form any impressions based upon a BBC news clip.

I have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully I can do much of it over the next 24 hours.

Thanks again to the guest bloggers, and keep posting!

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