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Wapo and CBS – brothers in arms

Filed under: Media Bias — Charlie (Colorado) @ 4:58 pm

According to this Washington Postcorrection, they “incorrectly attributed a quotation to Charles A. Duelfer, the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq. The statement, “We were almost all wrong,” was made by Duelfer’s predecessor, David Kay, at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Jan. 28.”.

Now, it’s nice that the Post corrects its mistakes, and the very next day too. But, let’s remember that the original column ran below a FOUR COLUMN HEADLINE. Now, it’s been a long time since I was kicked off my

People Actually Think This

Filed under: Morons — AMac @ 3:05 pm

Background to the story: a few weeks back, this guy threw a brick throw the windows of the gay resource center at UCLA, and engaged in various other acts of vandalism.

Said guy gets caught, and is going to be prosecuted and quite possibly expelled.

I have no problem with this- you trash university property, I think that they should boot your ass out, whether its a gay or minority resource center or just the undergraduate computer labs. I also don’t care if you manage to justify it as “protest,” so I’d love it if all those people who storm Wheeler Hall at Cal would get expelled.

Of course, that’s not good enough for some people. Oh no, we can’t just, you know, charge this guy with the crime that he committed. Read on for what some people would rather see happen.

Andrew Abernathy, Nonviolent Third Striker

Filed under: No on 66 — Alex @ 12:47 pm

Saturday’s L.A. Times has a profile on Andrew Abernathy, a convicted three striker who would be released if the three strikes law were “fixed” by Proposition 66. I’ve blogged about Abernathy before, but apparently his history is even worse than I previously thought. Thus far, Abernathy has done the following:

  • Tortured his animals to death as a youth.
  • Forced his sister to play Russian roulette.
  • Stabbed two men within inches of their lives on two separate incidents in 1986.
  • Called his ex-wife in 1998 to tell her he was on the way to behead her new husband with a samurai sword. Abernathy was then arrested in his car, and found in possession of a sword.
  • Beat his dog, Marie with a golf club, stabbed her in the heart with a stake, and decapitated her with pruning shears in 2004 – all to get back at his ex-girlfriend, Marie.


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