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Second Presidential Debate

Filed under: 2004 Election — Alex @ 12:21 am

Bush did horribly last night. Kerry cleaned his clock even more than John Edwards did to Dick Cheney earlier this week. I’m depressed. Next month, Bush is going to lose so badly that he probably won’t even carry his home state of Texas. Everything is bad. Woe is me. Someone kill me, please.

I don’t really think that, of course. I think Bush won this one, and I still think he’s going to win the election, though I’m under no illusions that it is in the bag. It’s just that I’m just guest-blogging for one of Patterico’s guest-bloggers, who was filling in for Patterico while he was on vaction, but now has taken a vacation within a vacation and needs a guest blogger of his own. Rather than take Patterico’s Pontifications in a new an exciting direction, I’m trying to preserve the tenor of the guest-blogger I’m filling in for.

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