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Trying to Do My Part

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 4:45 pm

First of all, I’m not giving up trying to do whatever I can do to see Bush pull it off – I just don’t think he’s going to. I will hope – the same way I hope the Cubs will nail down the wild-card slot this year. Oops, my bad. I will vote, I will send (more) money, I will do what (little) I can.

And, to prove it, I just participated in a 10 minute telephone survey of my voting intentions. Even with a WSJ to read and dinner to eat, I took the call in order to get one more Bush vote into the survey tally.

But the one who really counts is Bush himself, perhaps with some help from Cheney tomorrow night. They are the ones to close the sale.

6 Responses to “Trying to Do My Part”

  1. Bush is running on his record as president.
    Kerry is running *from* his record in the senate.

    Post-debate #1, most polls continue to show Bush in the lead, and in various internals, Bush has a commanding lead, with some numbers double Kerry’s.

    The one who really counts is indeed Bush, and the country has seen what he’s capable of.

    And with our continued support, we’ll get to see four more years of it.

    arb (cc1c24)

  2. Dude, get a bloody grip. You sound like Sully on Iraq.

    Bush is still up and the internals of even the polls that have the race a dead heat are in his favor.

    Kerrry’s pulled his campaign staff out of Virg and sent them to Wisc and Minn.

    Wisc and Minn! Two Gore states. Not to Ohio, or Fla, etc.

    At this rate, in two weeks he’ll be sending them from Wisc and Minn to Calif and NJ, but Newsweek will still be putting out bogus polls and the media will still be talking about the Komeback Kid.

    And you’ll still sound pathetic and ridiculous.

    Channeling Don Corlione — act like a man.

    JIm (ef6f4d)

  3. Not to pile on, but get a grip. It’s still not close, Kerry is down.

    Take a deep breath, smile, relax, Bush is going to win.

    Greg D (ad44b1)

  4. I have this site bookmarked, I like it alot. But sir, you need to relax and pull yourself together. The American people are not about to elect John Kerry, believe me. Bush is 5 up in the two latest horserace polls with any defensible methodology, and looking at the state polls, Kerry is getting his behind kicked – Bush needs only the states that he won in 2000, and thus far he’s comfortable there and in several more he’s looking good. Fear not, keep the faith.

    Bagehot (8199db)

  5. Guys, Election day is just 30 days away. Local Republicans need any time you could spare, as well as the enthusiasm you are showing here, to help President Bush.

    There are all sorts of jobs, large and small, where you can contribute. Last weekend, and I will be doing this weekend also, I walked my local
    neighborhood contacting registered Republicans from a list provided by my local contact.

    I just had to remind fellow Republican neighbors to be sure and vote in this important election, where to vote, and hand out a state party generated card that listed the party recommended candidates for local, state, and federal offices. It is the first time I had done anything like this and I am glad I did. I met like minded neighbors and new friends.

    If you would prefer to write opinions for news outlets, etc, various help is needed. If you could contribute some time to help President Bush, just go

    and enter your zipcode or state for your local contact information.

    Jim R (6bafed)

  6. Patterico seems certain of a Bush loss
    Please – convince him we’ve still got plenty of time between now and election day! The loss of the first debate is not the end of the world! Remember Reagan V. Mondale in 1984?

    Sister Toldjah (28eb22)

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