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Bush is Toast – I’m depressed

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 5:47 pm

with Bush’s lead gone, I’m throwing in the towel and wallowing in my misery…

For anybody who cares, anyone who wants to commiserate, anyone who wants to gloat, I go on and on and on at my home base at ThoughtsOnline

Iraq Game Theory Follow Up

Filed under: War — Charlie (Colorado) @ 5:42 am

Many of the comments to my earlier post on games theory as applied to Iraq proceed on the premise that that France, Germany and Russia did NOT want Hussein removed from power and/or that France, for example, was more interested in serving as a counterforce to the United States than helping out in Iraq.

Which of course, is what I believe to be the case. But I was looking at how unlikely it would have been for any President have enlisted FG&R to help out – even if FG&R did want Hussein out of power.

This is why I believe Kerry’s complaints aren’t valid (this is not to say they’re not working on the campaign trail). For if FG&R were truly opposed to Hussein’s removal, then no amount of diplomacy would have been successful in getting them to abandon their positions.

And, if FG&R were open to the idea of getting rid of Hussein, then I believe that my previous post shows how the outcome – the US going it alone – was predetermined and I thus am unable to imagine what Kerry could have done to change the outcome.

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