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Homeland Security

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 6:23 pm

Kerry has a good answer on Homeland Security. But you all know I think Bush has not done well on this issue.

And Bush has a very weak beginning to his answer: how will we pay for it? People don’t want to hear that — not when John Kerry just mentioned tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

UPDATE: Much later in the debate, Kerry is asked what the top threat to America is, and he says without hesitation: “Nuclear proliferation. Nuclear proliferation.”

Damn right.

I’m pleased to see that Bush agrees, though he puts it in terms of “weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists.”

2 Responses to “Homeland Security”

  1. Bush is sucking this one up.


    The Angry Clam (c96486)

  2. But I don’t think Kerry did himself any favors by suggesting that he’d discontinue the bunker-busting bombs. That makes no sense.

    Attila Girl (583aca)

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