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L.A. Times Responds Regarding the Bob Mintz Contradictions

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I have heard back from L.A. Times “Reader’s Representative” Jamie Gold regarding the paper’s continuing refusal to print contradictory statements by Bob Mintz, the principal spokesman for the anti-Bush “Texans for Truth” organization. (For background, read this post, which sets forth my original e-mail to Ms. Gold, and this post, which sets forth my follow-up e-mail.)

Although I am reluctant to get drawn into a debate with a newspaper’s ombudsman, I felt the need to respond, as I believe Ms. Gold’s response mischaracterized my arguments.

Here is the text of her e-mail to me:

Washington Post Repeats Kerry Scare Tactic

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Paul at Wizbang observes that the Washington Post is repeating John Kerry’s scare tactics about the draft as fact. From the Post article:

[Kerry supporter Denise] Mulle said she thought the event was successful. “This is an important election for me. I have too much at risk with my kids,” she said, referring to continuing deficits and a possible reinstatement of the draft if Bush is reelected.

As Paul explains:

The Post offered no quote to back up the assertion the woman in question was worried about the draft, the reporter just put that in because everyone knows if Bush is elected the draft might come back.

Nowhere is it mentioned by the Post that this has been a hotly contested charge made by Democrats with shrinking poll numbers. It’s just reported as a matter of fact.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

UPDATE: That’s nothin’! According to, Document Dan pushed the draft story hard tonight on CBS.

Council Winners

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The winners of the weekly Watcher’s Council contest for best post of the week have been announced. Congratulations to Terrorism Unveiled for the winning Council entry, The Barrier to Defeating Terrorism, and to Cavalier’s Guardian WatchBlog for the winning non-Council entry, The Fall of the Media Empire.

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