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L.A. Times on that Nefarious Rove-Thornburgh Connection

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How clueless is the Los Angeles Times?

This clueless:

[Document Dan] Rather reacted angrily Wednesday when he learned that former U.S. Atty. Gen. Richard L. Thornburgh was named to the panel, people inside the [laughingstock CBS] network said. A Republican, Thornburgh served under President George H.W. Bush, with whom Rather had a chilly relationship, stemming from a 1988 on-air run-in, and whose son was the subject of the disputed Sept. 8 report on “60 Minutes.”

Moreover, in his memoir “Where the Evidence Leads,” published last year, Thornburgh criticized the original Sunday version of “60 Minutes” for sensationalism.

And for conspiracy theorists who have speculated — with no proof — that Republican tricksters are behind the possibly fake documents, Thornburgh has a connection to Karl Rove, a longtime Bush strategist.

Rove, who denied this week to the Washington Times that he had anything to do with the documents falling into CBS’ hands, worked on Thornburgh’s unsuccessful campaign for a Pennsylvania Senate seat in 1991.

Yes he did. And then Rove sued Thornburgh for failing to pay $170,000 in unpaid fees. And won.

I guess the L.A. Times forgot to mention that part.

Alert reader Hank K., who alerted me to this story, puts it best: “Yeah, I am sure Thornburgh loves Rove.”

More fine journalism from your local Dog Trainer. . .

UPDATE: Commenter MaDr had also noticed the story.

UPDATE x2: Thanks to Vodkapundit for linking this post. I hope any new readers will consider bookmarking the main page and returning often.

Open Thread

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Access to the internet may be sporadic this weekend, so we’ll try an open thread. What’s on your mind?

Patterico Observation Makes “Special Report with Brit Hume”

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Cori Dauber e-mails to tell me that my observation of the L.A. Times‘s disparate treatment of polling data in Arizona and California made “The Grapevine” on “Special Report with Brit Hume” last night. Cool.

Thanks again to James Taranto for highlighting my post; I have no doubt that it was the “Best of the Web” mention that got the attention of the folks at “Special Report.”

Sturm vs. Post

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