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Van Odell Debates Del Sandusky

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I have this mental picture of Nick “careful look” Kristof reading the title of this post and saying, with a furrowed brow and crinkled nose, “Whodell Debates Sanduwhozits now???”

In any event, via Beldar comes a link to a radio segment in which Van Odell debates Del Sandusky on the Bronze Star incident. (Note to Kristof: William Rood didn’t call in.)

It’s a fascinating segment. My impression is that both these guys are dead convinced of their relative points of view.

I thought Sandusky politicized the issue a little more, with his references to the “Swift Boat Veterans for Untruth” and Abu Ghraib and 527s and George W. Bush. By contrast, Van Odell seemed more intent on debating the truth of the Vets’ allegations.

But I still think Sandusky sounded totally sincere that he saw enemy fire from the jungle, and that John Kerry demonstrated bravery under fire. Van Odell sounded equally sincere about his contrary position.

It’s a little sad hearing these old guys debating the merits of such an old incident. I remember reading Jay Rosen saying this whole episode was sad — I didn’t understand that until now. These are two guys who went through battle together. In an ideal world, they would talk about such events over beers, in the agreeable spirit of men who have experienced difficult times and come through them alive.

But I don’t blame the Vets for this. If they are right, they are obligated to come forward. I blame John Kerry for making such a big honking deal out of Vietnam.

Photoshopping Contest

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You make the call: who is the greater genius? Allah? Or Jeff G.?

Beldar Agrees: Rather Acted in Bad Faith

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In the spirit of my recent post debunking the conventional wisdom that Dan Rather was “duped,” Beldar observes: CBS News and Dan Rather did not make a “good faith error.”

Because Dan Rather Should Be Fired

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I am proud to be the top Google result for the search Dan Rather should be fired.

L.A. Times Hides the Ball on the Schiavo Decision

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It’s certainly nothing new, but the L.A. Times does not give readers an accurate picture of the reasons that Terri Schinder-Schiavo’s parents have fought to save their daughter’s life.

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