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Buck on the Lockhart Connection

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Stuart Buck nicely sums up the Lockhart-Burkett-Mapes connection:

So this is what supposedly happened:

1) Burkett comes into the possession of documents that, if true, would damage Bush and aid Kerry.

2) Via Max Cleland, the Kerry campaign is notified that Burkett has some highly interesting documents related to Bush.

3) Via Mary Mapes of CBS, Joe Lockhart is notified in particular that Burkett had some “records” that would “move the story forward.”

4) Indeed, Burkett “had agreed to turn over the documents to CBS” only “if the network would arrange a conversation with the Kerry campaign.”

5) Lockhart, a very busy man, then calls Burkett.

6) Despite the fact that Lockhart would have had no reason for calling Burkett in the first place other than the story about National Guard documents, and despite the fact Burkett had already tried to get the documents to the Kerry campaign via Max Cleland, and despite the fact that he had made CBS promise to get him in touch with the Kerry campaign before he would release the documents, both Lockhart and Burkett somehow neglected to talk about the documents.

7) Instead, Burkett merely took the opportunity to tell Lockhart that Kerry needed to talk “more” about his “Vietnam experience,” as if Kerry hadn’t already emphasized that theme, and as if Lockhart had called Burkett merely to hear this sort of generic advice.

A simple recitation of the facts, and it’s utterly damning.

Interocitor’s Blogiversary

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The Blogiversaries keep coming. Congratulate Kevin Murphy at The Interocitor on his one-year blogiversary today.

Patterico Reader Publishes Letter in L.A. Times

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Patterico reader David Skurnick e-mails to alert me that he had a letter in today’s L.A. Times (third letter down):

Re “GOP Activist Made Allegations on CBS Memos,” Sept. 18: I take pride that the first person to spot the falsity of the Rather memos was a conservative Republican. It shows that we on the right have a high regard for accuracy and integrity.

David Skurnick

Montville, N.J.

I don’t read this as claiming that the right has a monopoly on accuracy and integrity. But I am glad David is defending Buckhead, the conservative poster on who first pointed out the font issues with the documents. I certainly don’t think there was anything sinister in the fact that a conservative Republican caught the forgeries. To the contrary, it was totally predictable, and therefore not worth the prominent coverage it was given by the L.A. Times.

Allah Still Allah Over Rather

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Allah is still the best source for Rather updates. There are some interesting ones.

More on Burning a Fraudulent Source

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Some journalists have responded to my post asking about the ethics of burning a fraudulent source. I have updated the post and suggest you take another look at it.

UPDATE: I am bumping this reminder to the top as more reaction comes in.

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