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Limits of Permissible Voir Dire and RatherGate: A Confluence

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I am starting a jury trial next week. My major goal is generally to get rid of the loonies. Do you think it’s permissible for me to ask potential jurors whether they think the CBS documents are authentic?

(Mostly) Complete History of RatherGate

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A Weekly Standard history of RatherGate titled What Blogs Have Wrought is an excellent recap of the evolution of the controversy — but misses the contributions of TankerKC and Bill Ardolino from INDC Journal.

Spinsanity on Alleged Cheney Scare Tactics

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Regarding Dick Cheney’s alleged threat that we will be attacked if Kerry is elected, Spinsanity says:

If these pundits want to go after the Vice President, they owe the public a fair quotation so his words can be considered in context. Cheney’s point is not necessarily as simple as they make it appear.


I’ve Had a Perfectly Wonderful Evening. But This Wasn’t It.

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Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities nails my blogging attire.

Scouring the Internet

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While the L.A. Times has been scouring Buckhead’s posts on the internet, Michael Dobbs at the Washington Post has been scouring Bill Burkett’s.

UPDATE: Captain Ed notes that the article suggests a connection between Burkett and the Kerry campaign.

Another Shoe Drops

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The last CBS expert predictably says that the network has misrepresented his opinion.

The Grand L.A. Times Tradition of Putting Words in Someone Else’s Mouth

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Recently I have noticed some similarities between the reporting of CBS News and that of the Los Angeles Times. Here’s another.

You’ll note that the current CBS defense is: okay, maybe Lt. Col. Killian didn’t write these forged memos — but if he had written such memos, they would look like these memos.

Former L.A. Times reporter Evan Maxwell passes along this observation:

Years ago, when I was with The LATimes, the newsroom guru was a fine reporter and great writer named Gordon Grant.

Gordie was old-school. He broke in in Florida, worked in Chicago, and was a reporter in Europe during WWII. He lost an eye in combat. He was the real deal.

Gordie used to come up with brilliant stuff, great anecdotes and those gem-like quotes that captured a story perfectly. I used to sit next to him and once in a while, I’d say, “Gordie, I know this guy you are quoting here. He’s not very bright. Are you sure he said this?”

Gordie would look at me and grin. Then he’d say, “Well, he would have said it if he had thought of it.”

God Bless you, Gordie. Your spirit is still alive.

Indeed it is.

P.S. The problem with this practice is that, sometimes he wouldn’t have said it.

Extra! Extra! Freeper Is Conservative! Read All About It!

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The L.A. Times has revealed the stunning news that Buckhead, the commenter who first identified the font problems with the CBS documents, is — steel yourself for the shock — a conservative. Not only that, he’s a “conservative activist.” The incredible details are here.

UPDATE: Antimedia says I missed a chance to fisk the story. Luckily, Antimedia, I know that you’ve got my back.

Patterico Opposes Congressional Hearings for RatherGate

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There has been a debate over whether Congress should investigate RatherGate, with Hugh Hewitt leading the pro-investigation forces, and Tom Maguire most prominently arguing against Congressional involvement.

The issue may be moot, as the Washington Post is reporting that the proposal has been rejected by the Chairman of the relevant House communications subcommittee.

I am pleased by this development, and — as much as it pains me to disagree with my friends Hugh Hewitt and William Dyer — would like to weigh in against the concept of Congressional involvement in this.

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