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Memo to Bill Burkett

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Next time use one of these. (Via Pejmanesque.)

NYT Screws It Up

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Beldar reports that the NYT has falsely accused Scott McClellan of saying the forged CBS documents came from Kerry or the DNC.

Not content with one misrepresentation, the NYT says that, for every expert that says the CBS documents are forgeries, another expert supports them. Beldar says this claim “shows the NYT reporters suffer from a serious math impairment, or perhaps have had all their fingers and toes cut off.”

Good stuff from my man in Texas.

Allah Has Your Bill Burkett Updates

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Nobody is more on top of the Burkett story than Allah. He deserves every virgin he’s got coming to him in the afterlife.

Bear: Clean Up Your Traffic Rankings Page!

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I am pleased to be the 51st blog in traffic rankings on The Truth Laid Bear: Weblog Traffic Rankings. But I notice that there are a number of blogs who have more than one listing for a single blog. The Command Post has five! I have two (my blogspot page and my MT page) — and I wrote the Bear months ago asking him to remove the blogspot page.

If the Bear cleaned this up, I could break into the top 50. Not that I, uh, care about such things.

More Evidence Against Burkett

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Captain Ed has the details.

The L.A. Times Prints Yet Another Blatant Falsehood in a Letter to the Editor

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The editors at the L.A. Times have done it again.


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Bill from INDC has Comments Off on Brilliant!

The Power of the Jump™: It Depends on What the Meaning of “In Play” Is

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(Note: “The Power of the Jump”™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, documenting examples of the Los Angeles Times’s use of its back pages to hide information that its editors don’t want you to see.)

The Los Angeles Times has a front-page story today titled: Long a Republican Bulwark, a Growing Arizona Is in Play. Not until page A20 does the paper tell us what is meant by the term “in play”:

A poll taken for the Arizona Republic and released last week showed Bush ahead of Kerry, 54% to 38%.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Bush leads Kerry by 16 points, and the headline says a “Republican bulwark” is “in play.”

I got news for you, L.A. Times. In California, a recent Rasmussen poll shows Kerry leading Bush, 50% to 42%. That’s a mere eight-point difference — half the spread between Bush and Kerry in Arizona.

I look forward to your front-page article tomorrow: “Long a Democratic Bulwark, a Growing California Is in Play.”

(Thanks to alert reader Tom V.)

UPDATE: Drudge says Bush is leading by 14 points, according to the Gallup Poll. [UPDATE: The AP agrees.] That’s great news for Kerry. The whole country is in play!

(Cross-posted at Oh, That Liberal Media.)

UPDATE x2: Thanks to Mickey Kaus for the link! (Something about Mickey always brings out the exclamation points!) I hope first-time visitors who enjoyed this post will bookmark the site and return often. Unless you’re sensitive about the L.A. Times, that is . . . the paper is a fairly frequent target here. (Hey, I’ll stop picking on them if they promise to straighten up and fly right, as my dad used to say.)

UPDATE x3: Thanks to Lucianne for the link, and welcome to Lucianne’s readers! I hope a few of you will check out my main page and come back often.

UPDATE x4: I see Hugh Hewitt made this point yesterday as well, before I did. I wish I had known, so I could have given him appropriate credit. (I wish Hugh would get an RSS feed. That would make it much easier to stay current with his observations.)

UPDATE x5: Hugh is, not surprisingly, very gracious.

Double Standard?

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So U.S. District Judge Harold Baer Jr., a Clinton appointee, has ordered the Pentagon to release any unreleased files about President Bush’s National Guard service, to resolve a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the AP.

I don’t know whether Judge Baer’s ruling is correct. But I will remind you that Judge Baer is the nutcase judge who ruled in 1996 that police lacked probable cause to search a car based (in part) on the fact that four men had fled when they saw the police. Baer listed several examples of alleged police corruption, and explained in a written ruling that

residents in this neighborhood tended to regard police officers as corrupt, abusive and violent. After the attendant publicity surrounding the above events, had the men not run when the cops began to stare at them, it would have been unusual.

Based on this reasoning, Baer suppressed 34 kilograms of cocaine and 2 kilograms of heroin — about 80 pounds of narcotics altogether, worth about $4 million. (Baer later reversed himself.)

Meanwhile, Judicial Watch has a lawsuit seeking John Kerry’s military records, and the Navy has announced that Kerry’s campaign has not released all its records — despite a claim by John Kerry to the contrary.

Can’t Judicial Watch find a partisan, brain-addled judge who can issue an order for the release of Kerry’s records? Sheesh, even a decent judge might do it.

P.S. I’ll admit that I’m looking at the big picture here, and that there may be procedural subtleties involved that would explain the disparate treatment. Let me know if you can enlighten me.

L.A. Times Continues to Ignore Contradictory Statements by Texans for Truth Spokesman

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As promised, this is my post about the L.A. Times knowingly omitting critical information about Texans for Truth, and its principal spokesman, Bob Mintz.

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