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Forged Documents Traced to Abilene, Texas

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 7:51 pm

It sure would be nice if someone would figure out if forging the CBS documents was a crime. Then someone could see if they have enough evidence to get a search warrant for Bill Burkett’s computer. Read more here.

UPDATE: Here is the case on Burkett — before the Abilene Kinko’s revelation.

UPDATE x2: Charles Johnson says Burkett has an account at the Abilene Kinko’s. What do you want to bet he’s there right now, furiously deleting stuff off the hard drive?

Note to Burkett: there are experts who can recover anything from a hard drive.

5 Responses to “Forged Documents Traced to Abilene, Texas”

  1. It might quality as “undue influence” under ORS 260.665, as I pointed out on

    Josh Poulson (9a81e1)

  2. Is this one of the Kinko’s with the computers _in_ it?

    Al (98e4ad)

  3. Well, if it is, then the privacy concerns are wayyyy different.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  4. Note to Burkett: REFORMAT

    Bruce (0ffc0e)

  5. Bruce, I actually think we’re past that.

    He should be focusing on dying his hair and moving to France.

    Al (98e4ad)

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