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Magic Castle

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Mrs. Patterico and I had an amazing evening last night at the Magic Castle, as the guests of honorary fellow Bear-Flagger Justin Levine (frequent guest poster at Calblog and SoCalLawBlog).

Thanks to Justin for a great night of magic.

L.A. Times Fails to Report Major Credibility Issue of Texans for Truth

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Tom Maguire points out a major deficiency in the L.A. Times‘s coverage of the Texans for Truth — namely, the paper’s failure to report significant issues regarding the credibility of the group’s main spokesman, Bob Mintz.

Beldar: There Are Two More Killian Memos

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Beldar asks a very good question: why does USA Today have two more purported Killian memos than CBS News has revealed??

Beldar analyzes the memos and finds some oddities. A must-read post.

Rather’s Distortions of Fact: Nothing New

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In light of the current controversy over Dan Rather and “60 Minutes,” I am going to try to press my friend harder to allow me to tell his story about his unfair treatment at the hands of Dan Rather (something I first alluded to here).

Even without permission from my friend, I can share the story in broad outlines. Rather was trying to make a specific point in a story that ran on “60 Minutes.” Rather asked an interviewee about that specific point, and the interviewee gave a devastating answer that destroyed Rather’s point — and at the very least, was the best possible argument against Rather’s point. The answer ended up on the cutting room floor.

That’s the best I can do without permission. I’ll see if I can get this guy to let me tell the story in detail. My point is this: if you think that the numerous distortions of fact by the media in recent days are a new phenomenon, you’re wrong. The only thing that’s new is that they can’t get away with it any more.

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