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The Power of the Jump™: L.A. Times Still Burying Evidence that CBS Presented Forged Documents

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(Note: “The Power of the Jump”™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, documenting examples of the Los Angeles Times’s use of its back pages to hide information that its editors don’t want you to see.)

Yesterday, Justin Levine noted my complaint that the L.A. Times had not run a front-page story on the question of whether the CBS documents were forgeries — despite running a front-page story based on the documents the day before.

Justin suggested the possibility that

the L.A. Times is simply moving in a deliberately slow fashion in “nailing down this story to the satisfaction of their high journalistic standards”. This way they can report details about the controversy on a Saturday when nobody reads the paper and just so happens to coincide with the 9/11 Anniversary which would bury the story again anyway. At the L.A. Times, their style of journalism is just like comedy – timing is everything.

Justin turned out to be exactly right. The Times‘s front-page story ran today: Saturday, September 11.

Okay, I’ll give the editors credit — sort of — for finally putting the story on the front page, where it belongs. Why “sort of”? Because, in addition to the suspicious timing, the Times turns out to have no actual room on the front page for a single one of the damning details demonstrating that CBS’s documents were probably forged. Incredibly, no variant of the word “forgery” appears anywhere in the entire piece — and the front page contains no hint that the documents may not be authentic.

Here are the details:

Question of the Day

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When did we bloggers exchange our bathrobes for pajamas?

UPDATE: Hey, Michelle Malkin: Who says we can’t be partisan political operatives and be sitting around in our pajamas?

Exclusive Interview with the First Known Person to Express Doubts on the Internet About the Authenticity of the CBS Documents

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This is an exclusive interview with FreeRepublic commenter TankerKC, the first known person to express any doubts on the internet about the authenticity of the CBS documents. Since parody interviews are common on the internet, I should note up front that this is a serious interview.

A little background: the media has reported that a commenter named Buckhead expressed the first doubts on the internet about the (possibly) forged CBS documents. But Buckhead himself correctly notes that the very first doubts were expressed by another FreeRepublic commenter called TankerKC. As Buckhead explained on a FreeRepublic forum board:

Victory in this case justly has a thousand fathers. Tanker KC first pegged them as fakes by the overall look, and I later noted the font issue. Many other defects have been noted by others.

Buckhead is correct: TankerKC was indeed the first known person to express any concern regarding the memos’ authenticity. In this post, which he put up during the program, after briefly seeing the documents on the TV screen, TankerKC noted an issue with the signature blocks:


They are not in the style that we used when I came in to the USAF. They looked like the style and format we started using about 12 years ago (1992). Our signature blocks were left justified, now they are rigth of center…like the ones they just showed.

Can we get a copy of those memos?

This comment was posted at 5:19 PDT — 7:19 in TankerKC’s Central Time Zone, as he explains here. Having seen the documents briefly on a TV screen, TankerKC had not had a chance to examine the more detailed discrepancies with the fonts — issues which were raised several hours later, by Buckhead, in this post.

Yesterday I contacted TankerKC and persuaded him to answer some questions via e-mail.

Deja Vu: Man Says Boston Globe Has Misrepresented Him

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A man gives an opinion based on his unique knowledge of a controversial situation. His opinion hurts the Kerry campaign. The Boston Globe interviews the man, and claims he has changed his story. The man furiously denounces the Boston Globe, saying the Globe has egregiously misrepresented his statements. In fact, he says, he has not retracted his original opinion at all.

Hmmmm. Where have I heard this before?

UPDATE: Is anyone surprised that CBS News has repeated the Boston Globe lie?

UPDATE x2: A Power Line reader says we should add Brig. Gen. William Turnipseed to the mix.

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