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NPR and Media Matters Can’t Tell Time

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It’s a two-fer tonight: evidence of incredible carelessness at both NPR and Media Matters.

The moonbats at these organizations have been floating an absurd theory: that the individuals who first noticed discrepancies in the CBS documents may be the very people who forged the documents.

Unfortunately for the tinfoil hat crowd, this nutty theory is based on a simple mistake made by ABCNEWS regarding the timezone of a time stamp on an internet site. ABCNEWS failed to note that the time stamp was Pacific time. Based on this simple mistake, ABCNEWS falsely concluded that internet posters had posted their doubts about the documents before the program had ended.

Once that mistake had been made, it was a short hop to the sinister conclusion: the posters could not have seen detailed mistakes in the documents before the 60 Minutes program had even ended. They must have done the forgeries themselves!

ABCNEWS has since corrected the mistake. However, the crazy theory has been picked up by the sloppy “journalists” at NPR, and is also being perpetuated by the lunatics at Media Matters, who have yet to note ABCNEWS’s correction — and indeed are even now continuing to quote the original, mistaken version.


Here are the amusing details:


L.A. Times Buries Questions About Authenticity of CBS Documents

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Well, it’s official. Of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, the only paper with a shred of credibility left is the Washington Post.

Yesterday, all three papers ran breathless front-page stories about the CBS-sponsored documents that supposedly proved George W. Bush had received favorable treatment while in the Texas Air National Guard. The documents consisted of four memos allegedly written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, Bush’s commander at the time.

As I detailed yesterday, two internet blogs (Power Line and INDC Journal) raised serious questions regarding the authenticity of those documents. By the end of the day, leading document experts across the country were in agreement that the documents had almost certainly been forged. Blogs were clearly the prime movers of this story, as the Washington Post has acknowledged. My friend Bill from INDC Journal was quoted by name in this Chicago Sun-Times article.

Of the three major national newspapers that trumpeted the documents’ allegations yesterday on their front pages, the only one to run a front-page story detailing these developments today is the Washington Post. The New York Times and L.A. Times bury the questions about the documents’ authenticity inside the paper. The L.A. Times story runs on page A18, for crying out loud.

There is no excuse for this. None.

Worse, the L.A. Times story works hard to spin the controversy as a minor, purely partisan issue.

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